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  1. WTB 20 Triumph Token and 15 Fury Token Server: Windrest.
  2. Fake mail scam or not?

    "" ahahah how silly
  3. Hongmoon skills

    Can you please explain the " unlearnable in any server", I mean what's the reason? It may be cuz is a very very end game (ex. hm 20) thing, thats why?
  4. Price Hike.....

    and at what price? 2,50 eur, 7 eur or 25 eur per service per who ever wanna premium? xD
  5. Price Hike.....

    for me is like this: they are forcing ppl to keep theyr auto renew thing, so they every 30 days ncsoft will take automaticaly 9,50 EUR ~. Like I always do, I buy the 30 day premium then on nc settings I delete the autorenew subscription cuz maybe i wont need it next month. All that sayd, if you have your subscription deleted after 1st june you will have to pay 11,50 EUR ~, otherwise if youre not cool with that dont delete subscription and you will pay 9,50 ~ for the rest of your life xD. Soz for my bad engrishu!!

    Si vabbe ciao, lei è proprio un caprone.

    Lel, pls.. PLS!!
  8. Getting stuck at marketplace

    Same here and the only way was to press alt and move to the change character option and relog instead of close/reopen client.
  9. WASD "inverted"

    When i play my assassin in arena I randomly get the WASD keys "inverted". For example if I press W trying to go straight it wont but it will go like in "UP-RIGHT" angle direction, and same for the other ASD , if I walk back with S it wont go straight down but like "DOWN-LEFT". But still didnt figure it out when i trigger this poopy situation. Maybe is my keyboard or what. Oh and lets say when I move then press decoy and have a success counter, from what i was keep moving from before is goes all random movement. Yesterday happened twice and another time right now before posting becouse got frustated :\. Sorry for my bad english.
  10. So I think I am gonna copy pasta my problem: "I dont figure how can I unlock my 120 FPS, even if in the ingame options the 120 fps cap is enabled. For example in another game, League of Legends, I have all graphic settings at max even shadows and anti aliasing and I reach perma 200 - 220 FPS while playing w/o having any drop." The "DxDiag.txt" cant attach it here but it is in the ticket. Soz for my bad english.