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  1. But you are still expected to use unsealing charms on EVERY accessory just to see if it might be better?
  2. I played this game a long time ago and forgot a ton of stuff, so I started a new character, and man, did they change up the way the weapons and accessories work. If there's no Hongmoon gear then how do I know what gear to equip? Do I have to unseal everything to compare stats? I only found 1 earning the 'seafaring offering' that can be upgraded. The weapon I'm using is the Sablesteel Razor, but since it has no upgrade path I'm thinking maybe I should be using something else, but I can't see what items can even be upgraded until I unseal them. Is this really how they intended people
  3. Well are you going off to college or something and need a laptop? A full on tower is going to be cheaper and better than a laptop in every way but portability. Blade and Soul is not THAT demanding of a game, I have an old GTX650 and almost all the settings are on max. And you could always save up and get a $150 cromebook if you just need to access the internet on the go and not play games.
  4. Ah OK never mind then, I thought something was messed up.
  5. When I press the escape menu and click on 'daily dash' nothing happens. Did they change it so it's only for paid subscribers?
  6. Blade dancer. But I took a bit of a break from this game so I think I'm probably underleveled AND rusty.
  7. Well the boss is 2 levels above me I think so I take a lot of damage. I guess I could do dailies for a month to level up or something.
  8. What are you talking about? In the Talus Dungeon you walk into a room with one enemy called the Steel Giant that you have to beat to advance the story. If you can't beat him by yourself, and you can't get anybody to join that dungeon party then that's the end of Blade and Soul.
  9. To advance the story I have to beat the Talus Dungeon, but I can't clear it by myself. I can sit in a lobby for an hour and nobody will ever come in. How could any game designer think it was a good idea to force people to stop playing the game because they can't advance the story. If people didn't happen to get to this dungeon at the same time as enough other people during the initial release, you're just screwed. What are you supposed to do???
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