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  1. Photogenic Characters

    My yun gunslinger (hair color is subject to change) and my lyn
  2. Yes there was a newsletter about it some time ago before the class came out, There's not a code attached, you just log in an apply the code, via account website.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Ended up remaking her after capping
  4. Sokui Clan - Crimson Legion

    Clan Recruitment is closed until further notice
  5. Will you donate 3g to your clan every day?

    I'm on the fence about this.As a clan leader myself I do ask for donations but whenever they want to donate, and whatever they want to put in but it depends on what type of clan it is and if there were prior terms that donation would be a thing that was agreed upon before joining, and the standards of the entire clan for whether its progressing towards endgame content or just starting out. 3g a day is steep if you don't have your gear upgraded or you're casually playing. For people who make over 20/50g a day its not asking too much, but if you're doing the bare minimum dailies and only play a little bit at a time it can become a lot. I think donation should be based on the income someone brings in or rank them to what you want to be donated, but as a leader its important to understand what everyone would like out of the clan, and to not make a decision solely on your own, since its a team effort to upgrade a clan in the first place unless your loaded. People are more likely to donate if they're comfortable in the environment and respect the clan enough to do what they can to see the clan prosper, but there needs to be compromises and good relationships which is how most people end up in clans to begin with. However one person's operations for a clan that may not work with one person can work for someone else, so even if people leave, other people may join depending on the structure of the clan. If you're not tied to the clan in any way leaving is an option, but if you enjoy the environment and want to see it prosper then communicating it directly to the leader would be better and come up with a compromise that can suit everyone comfortably.
  6. Show off your characters!!

    My Best creations so far.
  7. Sokui Clan - Crimson Legion

  8. Sokui Clan - Crimson Legion

  9. Sokui Clan - Crimson Legion

    As long as you fall in with whats been posted above (recently updated) then i don't see a problem with inviting you :3
  10. Sokui Clan - Crimson Legion

  11. Sokui Clan - Crimson Legion

    Alrighty :) usually i'm on late! Actually your time zone is prob the same as mine, i dont knock out till 4am eastern time. Currently re -installing the game though, but i'll be sure to add you once it's done.
  12. Sokui Clan - Crimson Legion

    Requirements (Rules) No bots/Buying gold/Hacking/Glitching that Breaks the TOS (Terms of Service) in any way No Ninja - The taking of an item you don't need, that is also not for your class Bad attitudes against others will not be tolerated Ages 15+/Levels 20+ (online recruitment for lower levels are exceptions) English Speaking Extended Rules +Exceptions If you're gonna be offline for awhile don't fret we wont immediately kick you, we just ask that you let us know what up, because as friends its good to be in the loop and know whats going on so we won't worry so much. Expectations Please be active at least once a day ( we understand people do have lives outside of the game an respect that) If a clan member is dying in PvP and they are asking for help or look like they could really use it, please do not ignore them, in here we take care of our own , and when the time comes you may need their help at some point too. We do expect you to be independent mature minded individuals However we wont judge you for your personality even if you have silly moments, or say ineresting things. No Elitism - We don't want none o' that It's okay to be helpful and share your knowledge about the game (as long as its not misinformation) just not the elitism, keep that at the door please! WE DO NOT DO CARRY RUNS! (you must do some of the work too if we run dungeons with you) (plus i enjoy personally hearing "you're party member had been defeated" brings me joy) However we do like to do things together, even if you're not of level, if you feel left out we'll party up with you. We don't mind helping out, if you are insecure about the way a dungeon works we'll help to make sure you understand it, we might even learn something new ourselves. If we see your gear needs help, you can forget about money but if its something dungeon wise, we'll give you the extra nudge you need to get it right. Please try to be chatty, so we wont confuse you for a bot and accidentally boot you! If you're shy we'll pop you right out of that *swivels chair* About Us We are group of friends from other games, looking for a few people to enjoy the game with Very casual and Chill We do have a discord for chatting and gameplay We are only accepting up to only 20 people and each can have up to 3 alts! Aiming for a really good friendships. We range in ages 15+ so different topics are talked about We are interested in engaging in both PvP & PvE we are still very small and hope to grow to our goal soon! If you are interested in joining please send a friend request to either Myre , Hauko, or Sarethi OR leave your IGN and we'll be glad to have you!
  13. Sunflower and Rumblebees skill 3

    It seems to have fixed itself. :)
  14. Sunflower and Rumblebees skill 3

    Both skills were working fine a few runs in, but now rumblebees every other hit is not doing any damage, and sunflower is doing absolutely none at all. Is anyone else having this issue as well?
  15. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    Ended up being a book :p.