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  1. My yun gunslinger (hair color is subject to change) and my lyn
  2. Yes there was a newsletter about it some time ago before the class came out, There's not a code attached, you just log in an apply the code, via account website.
  3. Ended up remaking her after capping
  4. Clan Recruitment is closed until further notice
  5. I'm on the fence about this.As a clan leader myself I do ask for donations but whenever they want to donate, and whatever they want to put in but it depends on what type of clan it is and if there were prior terms that donation would be a thing that was agreed upon before joining, and the standards of the entire clan for whether its progressing towards endgame content or just starting out. 3g a day is steep if you don't have your gear upgraded or you're casually playing. For people who make over 20/50g a day its not asking too much, but if you're doing the bare minimum dailies and only play a
  6. As long as you fall in with whats been posted above (recently updated) then i don't see a problem with inviting you :3
  7. Alrighty :) usually i'm on late! Actually your time zone is prob the same as mine, i dont knock out till 4am eastern time. Currently re -installing the game though, but i'll be sure to add you once it's done.
  8. Requirements (Rules) No bots/Buying gold/Hacking/Glitching that Breaks the TOS (Terms of Service) in any way No Ninja - The taking of an item you don't need, that is also not for your class Bad attitudes against others will not be tolerated Ages 15+/Levels 20+ (online recruitment for lower levels are exceptions) English Speaking Extended Rules +Exceptions If you're gonna be offline for awhile don't fret we wont immediately kick you, we just ask that you let us know what up, because as friends its good to be in the loop and know whats going
  9. Both skills were working fine a few runs in, but now rumblebees every other hit is not doing any damage, and sunflower is doing absolutely none at all. Is anyone else having this issue as well?
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