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  1. Installing this game

    I've not played for a while and thought id come back and play but my god this game is almost impossible to download and install. while im downloading the slient throws an error every 5mins so I have to restart. This repeats over and over and over and over 3 hours later im about %50 done. Now I can't even log back in to the client to carry on. My god please get a better download and install process.
  2. crashes per day ?

    Every dungeon I see someone lose connection. I've had it only once today. No physical crash though.
  3. Farewell, beta forums!

    they will always be here, let them clean the threads. Alot of them are full of trolls anyhow
  4. Just launch on the hour, the game needs to verify so it would just error anyway more than likely
  5. Farewell, beta forums!

    You act like they're going away forever
  6. You can not play the game atm ?

    It's clearly your problem don't blame the game, the information is plastered on every site and social media they own.
  7. The prices are cheap compared to most, I dont see the problem here
  8. Mine loads right away and its takes like 2 seconds.
  9. Game Client Download Link

    Yeah you're ready to go
  10. Name Reservation question

    You install the game. then on monday when you load the game in the bottom right corner there is an icon that allows you to enable your characters slots. I never got the items either on that Alpha or beta but now its the full release everything will be working.
  11. Name Reservation question

    Install the game on that time monday you log in and create your character slots, make your character like you would normaly, name it then you're done.
  12. My installer is on my E: drive so I don't see your problem here The only folder I have on my C: is in my documents its 157kb file big woop
  13. Almost all the top end pc's even get frames arround 60 - 120. I'm running a single 970 and a i7 4790k and get more than 60.
  14. Most problems are going to be people have out of date software such as drivers, browser, all the Microsoft Visual C++. You have to keep these things up to date :)