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  1. 64bit Client Horrible FPS Since Yesterday

    I'm glad I happened upon this thread. I hadn't thought of switching to the 32-bit client. Doing that fixed my framerate problems as well. Just to pitch in to this thread: I've got exactly the same problem. The 64-bit client suddenly started performing horribly about two weeks ago. I first tried fiddling with my drivers a lot. Actually uninstalling my drivers and using the ones that Windows 10 automatically downloads worked for me for a little while (only one instance of playing B&S, to be precise), but it seems to have been a fluke. Areas where I'd usually get 75 fps (which is what I've got the game capped at) were only giving me 20 fps and boss fights had me dealing with no more than 4 fps at times. Incredibly frustrating. Anyway, of course I'd prefer to use the 64-bit client, but using the 32-bit one will do for me for the time being. Definitely hope NCSOFT will fix this mess soon though.
  2. Regarding Cosmetics....

    They are charging extra for nothing. In 2017 there were swimsuits that came in two parts as well - one normal swimsuit and one extra for Lyn. You got them both, but at a much lower price than the 2018 swimsuit set. You bet I agree. It's a simple scenario for me: the way you just described, I would buy plenty of items from the Hongmoon Store because I would be getting good deals on items that I want to have. The way they're handling it now, there are only bad deals on items that I want to have, so I'm not spending.
  3. Regarding Cosmetics....

    Holy crap. Where did you get that pricing from? [Edit] Whoop. Yep. The news article. Damn, what a bummer. Pass.
  4. Yes, I've been having the same problem. I click Play Now on the launcher, and it looks like it's starting up, but Xigncode3 just doesn't fire up. Nothing happens. Sometimes I have to launch the game up to four times before Xigncode3 will boot up and the launch can complete.
  5. Feminine looking male outfits

    I'm pretty satisfied with the balance of different kinds of outfits. I do think it's harder to dress a male character nicely though. Female characters have a better selection. But I'm not that bothered. As for After School Special, gonna put my beautiful little Lyn boy in it and **** *** *****
  6. About one of the new loading screen

    I wouldn't call this art theft. There are general similarities between the two artworks, but none so glaring that they fall within the definition of copying. Imagine that both artists used the same stock reference picture for the pose. That's entirely possible. You wouldn't call it art theft if that were the case. The depicted characters are way different.
  7. Just now somebody was asking to purchase Ignitor Ring and Igneous Earring. I see this happen every so often. How do people trade equips like that?
  8. Marriage System

    What's weird about Iksanun being married?
  9. Tailor Shop? No longer tradable

    Customised outfits can indeed not be traded. You have to uncustomise it first by paying... 10g, I believe. But yeah, that removes the customisation, so you're out of luck if you wanted to share your customised outfit between characters.
  10. Thanks a lot for all the answers, everyone.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm a bit behind on things. My sister and I recently got the legendary ring from Ebondrake Citadel. (I forget the name.) I don't have any other legendary accessories yet, but I'll be going for them soon. Anyway, I was looking at the upgrade path for this ring, and it seems to me like the stats it gives after the upgrades are only a marginal improvement over what it gives right now at level 1, even though the upgrade costs are as hefty as any other. Also taking into consideration that much better legendary accessories drop from higher dungeons, I wondered if it might be better to just leave this ring at level 1 forever. Is there a general consensus on this?
  12. Download problems?

    Hey guys, Back when the Blade & Soul Dojo (fan) forums still existed, I used to help people out with this kind of thing by sticking the entire updated game into a .rar file and uploading it to MEGA. It was a great way to bypass all kinds of downloading and updating problems for a whole bunch of people--worked like a charm. I don't know if that kind of thing is allowed here on the official forums, but whatever; I'll see if a mod steps in and deletes my post, haha. Would it help you out if I'd upload the game to MEGA? [Edit] Guess not.
  13. Red Ranged Boss Attacks

    In the launcher, before you click "Play Now", there's a button in the bottom-left that says "File Repair".
  14. They're probably just whipping out some festive threads they purchased last year. I don't think they're buying them today. With the Vipercap dungeon, you'll be able to grab that black recolour from the Dragon Express, but not any of the past Christmas outfits.