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  1. Yes we read it, but can't even get in to create another character on low server.. I hope they don't fill up before we get a chance to make a new character
  2. They stated a new client update should be available in a few hours... 12 minutes ago.. My guess is 1:30 PST anyways g night all I can't take this 2-3 hour wait just to face the queue I have been in since 8am Pst...
  3. People with win 7 already stated the update works and they can log in
  4. they are still in game and haven't logged out for update yet or still in queue
  5. well the good news about the wasted day is at least we can move off Mushin if we ever get on to start the process
  6. You can sure tell who has been playing today. Whining that the ones who haven't even gotten to log in today are upset...ahhhh yah
  7. This games been broken all day as far as I am concerned..Its an improvement compared to staring at queue for the last 12 hours
  8. You can thank Game guard for that.. It prevents any changes to keys or buttons implemented by Devs other than what is aloud in keybindings. Just the same I am sure they could change it so Game guard excepts it, but I wouldn't hold your breath
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