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  1. Slowdown between combat.

    yes they should but do not think it will happen, so just hoping they learned from it and change it for next game ^^ besides technical issues back when it released what i disliked the most was weapon switching/stance switching, and slowdown in combat... stil do. warlock seems a lot less annoying with it though (or like he barely has any such thing which is nice). also having the ability to flee an chase was one of the things that made aion pvp so enjoyable(while feeling dynamic and keeping the good gameplay flow).
  2. Slowdown between combat.

    the combat slowdown lingering is still the most annoying slowdown I've encountered in a game... really hope ncsoft moves away from this kind of gameflow-breaking design in future games
  3. Big yellow quest tool tip in the middle of the screen

    terrible UI design. and still there to this day o.O (also didn't recall combat feeling so "sticky" and slowdown is just terrible long lasting after combat o.O) returning to this game is kind of a test of patience "will you shut bns down before you really get to play again or will you have the patience to deal with all the nonesense before we let you enjoy" :P
  4. WARDROBE (isnt Bind On Account?)

    had forgotten this BS was there. just returning to try out warlock but if everything is char bound it's kind of annoying and makes returning for a new char a lot less attractive (now that i think of it i was pissed over this the first time around as well ^^). Also if people will pay you to avoid playing the game content and you can charge 50€ for it, you should properly have done more out of the content. also its a crappy move to do imho ;)
  5. so just got back to the game and had over 900 mails from goldsellers in my mailbox here -_- so how is it ingame, also how is the endgame status of P2W (or if you like P2Progress beyound reasonable speed of none extra paying)? :) how is the endgame OpenWorld pvp? (people doing it, worth doing?.
  6. this is still not fixed yet? o.O that's really bad -_-
  7. Allow us to bail out of bidding

    the only problem is that there should be a 2 seconds cd from a bid made untill another can be made. meaning when someone tries to ninja up the price, it locks your bidding for 2 sec before the next can place the bid. and obviously leaving the game/group/area shouldnt cancel your bid -.- idiot design as so much other stuff in the game
  8. I will TELL you why people buy from gold sellers

    -.- NO.... if you need to BUY ingame gold the entire design about gold is shit and flawed and should be fixed..... it is ridiculess and stupid beyound belief to simply say "well just let as buy it directly with RL cash"..... why not do the same with EVERY other element of the progression? lvls, skills, quest completions, ranking, area ownership etc? why not sell everything in cash shop then?.... it is pathetic when cash shops sells stuff which can translated to ingame power.... it just proofs a broken design made by people that didnt think it through.
  9. WHat to do after reaching cap 50

    play "another game" which have come out by then. it starts with "black" ;)
  10. I will TELL you why people buy from gold sellers

    they are introducing that to our servers as well, as soon as the market stabilized they said... 100% P2W. one more reason to go play "another game" (can't mention names because then i will get banned again -.- fking ridiculess moderators)
  11. I will TELL you why people buy from gold sellers

    the best thing would be: 1: make gold untradeble aka account bound. 2: bidding on dungeons would make the gold bid "dissapear" and award the rest of the party with a set amount of currency depending on the sold item. 3: make AH in the same manner, the seller would always get a set price for his sale, and the buyer would be the one with the highest bid on it. i think that would basically remove gold sellers ;) there is likely a better solution, i just came up with this in like 1minute while being extremely high, so yer should definately be possible ^^ but you are completely right, the problem is that people feel it is needed or it gives a huge advantage to buy gold and therefore they do so. making a system where either you can't be given gold, OR that gold have no value for the very endgame gear (meaning the endgame stuff has no link to gold in anyway and amount of gold will never decrease the time to gain that super endgame gear), is the right way to go
  12. Force Master pve in general

    i would love a DPS meter to get precise readings of the numbers :)
  13. actually it could. if it is because the packages is send in a manner which makes the isp prioritize them wrongly, moving them over the vpn, migt fix the issue. properly not, but i seen semilar happen with aion, so it would be worth a try IF it wasn't banneble to do so :/ in aion after one of the big expansions/updates i went from 40ms steady to 80-120 unsteady with spikes up to 200. unplayerble. after trying everything, talking to the ncsoft support for months, we figured out it was how the isp handled the packages which was sendt. talking to the isp they said as i stated "thats how it is standard and you are not a big enough costumer for us to look into it". so i tried out LowerPing (same kind of service as WTFast) which completely fixed the issue, went back to 40ms steady when using it. so yer, even though it is unlikely, it is not impossible ^^ but you know, bannable now because "*cricket* you costumer... AAAAAAND NO REFUNDS!! MWUHAHAHA"... so retarded :P
  14. to my knowledge, using vpn's or any such service is perma banneble no questions asked or answered ;) sooo not really something you want to ask people to do
  15. ahh i remember the aion problem. it was something with how aion was sending packages, making the isp registrated them as torrent, therefore prioritizing them differently which coursed major issue's. contacting the isp only made them tell you "well that is how we handle packages by standard and you are not a big enough costumer for us to care". only fix for me was using the "lowerping" service which fixed it and gave me steady low MS. btw: using such program here will get you perma banned and we already have reports of the first people being perma banned for using WTFast. soo not even going to try that ;)