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  1. I've experienced the same thing when I get my new laptop.. I even sent tickets to NC. However, it doesn't work. I found out now. The problem is OneDrive service. Newer computers default setting is to save documents in OneDrive instead of the hard drive. You have go to OneDrive setting and change your documents as "this pc only" then problem solved
  2. Lightning Draw -Volume 2

    Guys, how to buy the last quest item... It's locked... How to unlock it?
  3. It's lock and I can't buy it. Anyone know how to unlock it?
  4. I pay don't get what I deserve
  5. Yeah, waiting for whole day and finally log in it crashes. Why not you try it?? And more ridiculously I purchased several hundred bucks for the premium membership and pull it to rank 10, thinking this might help
  6. 117 min estimated wait time

    Tell you what, I purchased 365 days premium membership and I am Rank 10. I wait 6 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! Suck it up
  7. I just want to ask you guys It is just a game and I have been playing it at Korean Server for couple years. I seriously need to do researches before I play it??? Well, maybe you will probably because you don't have job or school. Your work is to play games since you are professionals! It is not buying a car which requires lots of research and even if it is car buying, some people don't do research on cars. They just buy what they like. It is playing a PC game!! I honestly don't know how load the server MUSHIN is. I chose it just because that's the server I had stayed before. Lots of you blame us for choosing mushin, and you claim that they warned us before. However, I never seen it. At least NC didn't send me any emails to warn me nor did they post on website. I am just getting confused.

    So it's telling me not to run with Razer. To me, this means go buy another computer to play it! My whole system is Razer. This is ridiculous

    Well, NC didn't send me emails telling me that Mushi is gonna be populated and you are gonna in the queue.
  10. NC Soft, GIVE ME REFUND!

    Let's put the queue aside. The game always crashes. This is not my fault?
  11. NC Soft, GIVE ME REFUND!

    I was in the queue this morning showing 110 minutes and after 2 hours, it jumps to 266 minutes... Isn't it annoying?
  12. NC Soft, GIVE ME REFUND!

    It is working fine during beta test!
  13. NC Soft, GIVE ME REFUND!

    I play NA server since the first beta test. Back to that time, the only server is called mushin. I think it is understandable to reserve character at the server you know?
  14. NC Soft, GIVE ME REFUND!

    Disregard the fact that you do not even know what sever people will choose during the reservation, the founder pack can only be redeemed once! It's not transferable. I am posting this just letting people know how pointless to make purchase here.
  15. NC Soft, GIVE ME REFUND!

    Yeah, it is easy to say that. Let me ask you something, if you purchased founder packs and it is in use in the server you reserved, you still gonna say to me go to another server?