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  1. The people who have around mid- 400 AP have played through this event. Not the nebula (Maybe, I know someone who played through nebula event and still has 430 AP because she absolutely refuses to grind). There were ways. If you started after those events, then that sucks, if you started during those events, then it sucks to a certain extent because it was still viable to do them, just not 100% of the way through. And more of these events will occur in the future.
  2. " And i mentioned nothing about your farming habbits, i pointed out since you have 570AP+ you've had to be playing for a while, dont tell me you got a 170AP or more jump just from doing daily challenge only just for a month, thats b.s. " No it isn't. And that's about where I'll end with you. ON specific daily days including the HM pouches you can easily get 10~15 stingers, that's including semi- stinger bidding without critical drops. And even if you average around 8 stingers a day doing daily challenges, in 10 days that's 80 stingers, in 1 month that's 240 stingers. I used a neb
  3. I know a guy from Malaysia who can't charge a dime on here and already has legendary. Another who is my neighbor who just got legendary and doesn't charge. Dont feed me that nonsense. If you can do SSP and make Silverfrost transaformation stones, or grind 4 man dungeons for the rare drops to sell in market. Or farmed merchant during the event. It was extremely possible. The key issue here being "grind". And yes, for the last month and a half all I have done was my 4 daily challenges and logged out. "Extreme casual", or did you forget to read that part? Did my vicecap dailies to get
  4. I could understand SPP and the moonstone requirements. But I used to constant;y spam Moonwater faction dailies + Hogshead faction dailies EVERYDAY for soulstones. Then moonstones became an issue because cerulean was a low player faction, and nobody does Battlegrounds. So I ended up switching to Crim and had no problems with Moonstones, but I see that that isn't viable for you, but daily challenges (On specific days) slightly remedy that. I do agree that this game is very anti- alt, unless you are high level'd and stockpile mats for your alts.
  5. Ugh.... The events that sped people up but still gave people who dont charge a chance. People like me, but I guess that doesn't count. Or I guess nothing counts unless you have stage 4 legendary with maxed accessories... -_- " hey're the only ones making this game tolerable. There's a reason the population is slowly dying out. This is a grind on horrible levels. " Indeed it is, and that's about it. If you don't grind then.... That's why you fall behind.
  6. Let's call it what it is. You are not the "average F2P player" You are the average casual. I am the average F2P player and I have 576 AP. At this point I wouldn't even consider myself "average" because I log in, do my daily challenges, and log out I.E. extreme casual at this point. I used this method to go from around 540 AP - 576 AP, and even then I still managed to get my Awakened oathbreaker earring to Awakened scorpio and my Awk. Oathbreaker ring to true oathbreak... In 2 days...... Cmon man, there is pretty much next to no other way to progress with your "credit card" to get to m
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