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  1. Lol they're going to keep attacking you guys because they spent loads of money on this game already ?. Admitting the game sucks mean admitting they wasted their cash and the whale.lords Dont wanna do that ohhh no no no!
  2. No. The game is heavily favored though swipers. lol this game and the community is just toxic
  3. Reason I just stopped playing much. Only log on to hang with the same 3-4 friends I made for like an hr or 2 then I log. Time best spent grinding on a game that GIVES fair results.
  4. The pouch event was perfect. Even the lower AP players could grind and do dailies for a chance to get upgrade material and choose to either save it for themselves or sell for gold to upgrade their current equipment. Only reason this game probably appealed to me until now. It felt like something that SHOULD belong as a permanent thing. Maybe 1 pouch on weekdays and 3 on weekends or something of this nature. Now we don't have anything. Zip. I want you to make a new account and get to 550AP without using your main's gold, swiping your card, or having established friends run you thru dungeons. Tel
  5. Yeti takes 10-30mins to complete ON A GOOD DAY. Longer if I can't find a party able to complete without wipe after wipe. Necro is ridiculously long for a lousy reward and the common afk or bot. Fang is the only good one of the trio. I still do them and they only give around 8g. Every daily is a hassle to even get a party started for. Nexus I've yet to complete due to failed parties or no one queue'ing. The non-queue'ing is also an issue for the lower lvl dungeons. Also, 1.5hrs/day x how many days to acquire the moonstones I need for upgrades? I can't do SSP, neither side yields and now SSP is
  6. I'll try dude. 15/17 of my friends quit alrdy. Just really disheartening upgrading then seeing the costs of the nxt one and seeing it's gonna take forever to gather for 1-2measly ap. I'm just going to give the game a break for a couple of weeks and check back to see the state it's in.
  7. I started around launch as well but I didn't have much time to play until recently. It's just ridiculous that the costs and grind required to rise even "1"AP takes days/weeks worth of work. It's a shame too because this just scares new players off. That combined with the fact that no one is around to help the lower lvls do dungeons they need or help out just kills off the lower tier of the playerbase. Average is not 500-550 btw, it's 450-500. A good chunk of players quit or stop playing because they can't make it pass the 500AP p2w or grind for 48293123921 hrs wall.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Sitting at 464AP and it's ridiculous trying to push even further. It's a shame too. If only I could play the KR version and understand it I would :/
  9. There's like 0 motivation to do ANY of the dungeons in this game except the top 1-3/4. Leaves the lower tier dungeons empty lmao
  10. The problem is the grinding in this game IS NOT fun. It's alright if you're decently rewarded for your time and effort but when it takes 3+ mins to queue for a dungeon and 15+mins to finish (praying you dont get a bot/afk/troll which are common nowadays) and you aren't even given proper compensation, it starts to suck big time. I've played other MMO's where the grind isn't bad. Yea, it might take some time but you feel like you're actually progressing and you can see it almost everyday you play. Examples are fiesta online(in it's prime, sucks now), ffxiv, cabal online (in its prime). BnS just
  11. No actually he was right. It said x2 seeds earlier. GM claimed it was a "mistake" and changed it to x1. Sounds like to me they realized they *cricket*ed up and didn't feel like dealing with compensation therefore just changed it to 1 lmao.
  12. If this is true for the DC then I guess it's time for me and my group to find a new game. It's already hard enough saving up gold to upgrade even WITH the DC. If this option is taken away from us low AP players then it'll be almost impossible to advance without devoting 5+hrs/day to this game. Just a horrible concept on NC's part not considering the lvl50 players on the lower end of the spectrum. Instead of changing the dailies, they need to just add in more options instead of just 5. Maybe 6 or 7 different quests we can do to complete DC.
  13. This x10000. I tried doing yeti last night. Wasted 2 hrs of my time with failed party attempts. I just didn't bother at all with it
  14. Ok thank you. I have a mix of naryu/bsh/scorpio/yeti soul shields rn for crit mainly. I really enjoy this game and love the concept and feel of it. I just don't want to feel like I'm never going to be able to better my char without spending 80+hrs a week on him. I'll give the shiverstone dailies a try. Appreciate it
  15. Yea. Usually Naryu takes around 30mins-1hr to complete. Less usually when it's the daily and we have 600+ AP players speed running through it. Me and my friends are all gearing up together and I'm the 2nd highest of the bunch (highest is 450ish). Guild never wants to help others run dungeons and I don't know what other place to join :/. On mushin serv ceru side
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