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  1. Seems not many people uses currency exchange

    The exchange rate is just stupidly bad. Example and a little money trick that worked about 1 to 1.5 months ago. Sell 16 gold to get 1300Hcoins (1300 because of the stupid "fee/tax" you pay in hcoins to receive those hcoins), buy the Soulmate outfit, then salvage it because you got 2 guaranteed high Quality fabrics and 2 normal fabrics out of it. Sell them on the market place for 7-8gold per HQ and 3-4g per normal fabric and you made out a profit. Now with the exchange rate that bad as it is, you have to sell 25 gold or more to get 1300 coins and even if you would sell the fabrics, you would not make any profit. Though yeah this is because of the treasure trove event flooding the market with fabrics. However, even before this particular event the exchange went up from 16g to 23g for 1300 coins.
  2. Do you wonder why people quit to BDO?

    Well obviously bns has some stuff client sided too, otherwise those summoner and other hacking classes/players would not exist in here too. So bns is not that much better in this. But, seems like bdo publisher does at least banhammer those hackers/cheaters if they get the knowledge of them within a short amount of time. Other than Ncsoft where teleport hacker run around for quite some weeks.
  3. Do you wonder why people quit to BDO?

    BDO publisher does something and involves the Community actively into actions against Botters, Hackers and Gold Sellers/Spammers. That is a very good thing. Not only do they show "We are doing something and you can participate" but also they and the players benefit from that. Heck, they even Explain things to the people, like their "RMT and why is it bad" post a day ago. (Of course with a little common sense you can get to that point too though) However i highly doubt that people are Quitting bns because of this. I guess people take a break or quit bns because of NCsofts non existing (or not visual) actions against hackers and botter as well as there is not much to do in Bns beside from doing your dailys and running the same boring dungeons or SSP over and over and over and...so on to gear up. PvP ok but that becomes rather boring after a while too
  4. Please Fix the Friends List ...

    Friendlist worked before that patch, the fact it showed people online even if they are offline might had happen when people logged out of their character but not disconnected from the game aka went to char select and go afk or whatever. Those persons would still show online, just the game does not recognize that they are not actually on a character. But now... it not just shows duplicated names as well as some, not all, some alts of those friends it also shows persons online in zaiwai if they are actually really offline.
  5. Skypetal Soulstone Pouch

    No why should they? Elite can carry 50 Prestige points + times 3 from the charm the rank after that can hold 100 Points + times 3 from the charm and so on. With the charm cost 50 point and lasting 1 hour as well as you getting more than enough points throughout 1 mining session (i reached 400-500 depending on how many people are around) you get more than enough points for 1 300pp pouch and 1 100 pouch
  6. Only reason i would say they should make it at least accessible 2 times per day without an extra item would be to get the mats for upgrading faster (Having legendaries in the eyes in that case). Since we are still way behind East BNS versions. Other than that its not a *cricket*ing paywall if you can run it freely once per day. Be lucky that there are no cooldown/reset timers for dungeons like there was in Aion, where you could only run certain dungeon once per day as f2p member or twice (hello premium paywall QQ) if you were p2p premium member.
  7. Hackers are getting more brazen. (Video)

    Reason why they can not IP ban those players is simply because an IP ban is useless if they have an ISP that changes their IP every 24h. I don't know how that is handled by ISPs in the US but in Europe there are a lot if not all ISPs auto disconnecting your internet every 24h. So another way to get rid of those would be an account ban, but on that side, as already said, would make them make a new account to continue to hack, as well as starting a thread in this forum "crying about why they have been banned for no reason" ;) Only way is to make all that server side, movement, positioning and stuff because right now it seems to be client sided since those hackers seem to infuse the movement packages with false position datas to "jump" the way they do. (Dunno how it really works thats just my imagination about how it could be possible) Also get some volunteers or whatever employes as permanent gamemaster with the ability to kick and ban accounts on the fly. And have them overwatch the servers 24/7 and react as soon as they get a hack report. So in addition to that, make a "report Hack" button where it either puts in the name automatically, like right now, right click > report > report spammer/bot, as well as a Report button in the game menu where you can put in a name manually. In case you are not able to right click on a hacker.
  8. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    Edited my entry post
  9. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    I bet a lot of players who actually like the game and even gather informations before an update hit stopped reading at the point where you wrote some bullshit like and considered all the following wall of text coming out of your hand as, pointless nonsense of an (insert insult here). The fact is, that some people actually paid Ncoins aka RL money for the gem hammers to open the slots that they now possibly loose due to RNG. Which, i for myself found no hint of it anywhere. Tried to look specificly for it in patch notes even in old KR patchnotes. Either i overlooked it or its just not in there. But i guess you would be fine and ok with it if you buy something and the one you bought it from comes and takes it away from you without an exchange or a worse product... Like current VW does with the "software update" for Diesel engines.
  10. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    Yeah that random slot stuff is really bullshit, especially when you think about it, you get two slots when you first get you hongmoon weapon, you get another slot when you upgrade to blight weapon. after that you don't gain any more slots if you don't buy gem hammers. However, i did loose not just 1 slot i lost all my slots except for the first one, which makes my weapon basicly a higher AP hongmoon beginner weapon. I mean seriously, that randomization is also taking away slots that were already unlocked by the game itself in past upgrades? Which stupid moron of a developer did think about this option? That guy should be instantly fired and requested to refund his already paid loan. From the solutions that i read so far i can agree with the randomization being made between slot 4 and 6. So if you upgrade you would either gain slots, which would be nice or you just loose that one slot and not like me loosing every single freaking slot. Also for the refund of the gem hammers, honestly i partially agree to the past mentioned solutions. Refund the gem hammers to those that paid real money for it aka those who bought the gem hammers for Ncoins. Everyone that got those hammers through ingame marketplace paying gold did not loose that much. Paying real money for it and now loosing that money is just worse.
  11. The wall hug trend

    Isn't that what sins do all the time? At least that is what i always see if i have to fight against sins. Poke damage and stealth and staying invisible hoping for the timer run out before the enemy can do more damage to the sin than he did.
  12. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    I definitely want more than 4 gem hammers! look at this bullshit. I just upgraded from True Pirate to True Breeze... and i got 1 fking slot left out of 4 slots... Edit: Means i have to get 6 hammers to get to where i was with true Pirate weapon. This is just plain stupid.
  13. Account HACKED

    Its not really in NCsofts business if you choose a bad and easy to guess password. Also another thing that i wonder is. I just tried and changed the IP of my Router by reconnecting the internet ( in germany we get that 24h auto reconnect/disconnect feature from out ISPs) and after doing so i had to enter a new location verification PIN send to my email, not only for my website account but also for my ingame. So that for me looks like the first thing that is strange with every "hacked" account. The attacker has to have access to the email address already so they can get above that required verification Pin. Which means that the email account has been compromized as well already.
  14. Account HACKED

    Since 2 Step verification is pretty much worthless and useless because a hacker that gets into your account (you do not need the second pin send to your phone to access your account through the website) can easily and without you noticing, change that thing on and off. At least that is what you can read from reddit where peoples accounts got hacked even using that 2 step verification.
  15. Giving a internet service access to your credit card information, no matter what service, except for your own bank or maybe a service like paypal where you have time to react and some sort of security if your password is not ubarsuparpwd123... is just plain stupid. You don't even know if your card information are saved and what happens with them and as you see, giving those informations away grants access to it for everyone once you set permission for a service to use it. Best thing to do for you is, change your password on every service you have ever used so far if you have used the same password on those, as well as get your credit card company to charge/cancel those transactions. Your account will be gone anyway, since charging money back will most likely end in a ban for the account as well as your items are more than likely sold by the "hacker" anyway.