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  1. I don't like it either, hence why I joined crimson on my server. We have so many people compared to cerulean that I can sit around for hours in pvp uniform and only place I'll get attacked is in newbie areas where they'll quickly realize I'm level 45 and run. Level 45 HM 5s running because they only have 2 HM5 + mobs vs 1 HM4... It is why I stopped playing a lot of games. Too much PvP focus and forcing PvP and PvE players to mix. That is why I liked how older MMOs did things. You had PvP servers and PvE servers. So if you were a PvP player, you could join a PvP server
  2. Essentially, the only alternative is to buy them. Thankfully, misty woods isn't 100% forced pvp, though you will only get about 16 per day that way.
  3. @Evechan this is a problem for more than just warlock. a LOT of classes have a delay and it is really killing certain combos at times. It is just more noticeable on a warlock where a lot of skills combo together.
  4. Obviously Lyn and Gon can mate. My point was more that since the lore doesn't say they don't, we can't assume that they can't either.
  5. There are a lot of stories (including mythology/folklore) where crossmating is possible, but where the females/males of one race would always result in a specific result. Like one series, halflings would ALWAYS produce females of the other race unless the other race was human (essentially the only way to make more halflings was halfling+human). One lore suggests that one race would always produce more of their race regardless of what they bred with, but that the offspring may have certain traits from the original. One series, one race would always produce mo
  6. Maybe like cell division where if they get big enough, they split into two smaller selves.
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