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  1. I don't like it either, hence why I joined crimson on my server. We have so many people compared to cerulean that I can sit around for hours in pvp uniform and only place I'll get attacked is in newbie areas where they'll quickly realize I'm level 45 and run. Level 45 HM 5s running because they only have 2 HM5 + mobs vs 1 HM4... It is why I stopped playing a lot of games. Too much PvP focus and forcing PvP and PvE players to mix. That is why I liked how older MMOs did things. You had PvP servers and PvE servers. So if you were a PvP player, you could join a PvP server
  2. Essentially, the only alternative is to buy them. Thankfully, misty woods isn't 100% forced pvp, though you will only get about 16 per day that way.
  3. @Evechan this is a problem for more than just warlock. a LOT of classes have a delay and it is really killing certain combos at times. It is just more noticeable on a warlock where a lot of skills combo together.
  4. Main problem is that ping actually affects the ability to do animation canceling in certain instances. In other games with animation cancel, ping is less of an issue because you can do the animation cancel without it being tied to the ping. (Ping still matters, but...) Other game: I can do 1 -> 5 -> 2 -> 1 If I have a ping delay, I can still do it, I just have to know my ping and account for it. In B&S: I get -> 2 -> tab (second form) -> RMB Problem is with ping delay, the tab second form is delayed. And because
  5. As a support player, warlock is the best we have right now. As a DPS/PvP/etc. class though, it is kind of weak.
  6. Often, when I do 24 player dungeons, I'll find about 12+ players at the boss doing nothing but waiting for the final boss. When told that it would be faster if they helped with bosses, usually the response is a "go fly a kite" type response. It would be nice if leechers could be somehow discouraged or made pointless. === Normally, raids in games, the team works together. BnS is one of the few games where raids are encouraged to kill and harass each other. Where in other games, raid kills would count for everyone within range, in BnS, kills only c
  7. If you try to use the red teleports to the boss, sometimes you will fall through the bridge. This has been happening since launch.
  8. I have to say I really enjoy/enjoyed both. In both, you could get away with soloing for the most part, but the games themselves really encourage teamwork and have a large amount of PvE content. Main reason why my review will be fairly negative is because we were promised and told to expect a lot of stuff during streams and you can guess how many of those promises made it to the actual launch. That coupled with serious bugs that have not been addressed or fixed (though some have), the issue of warlock razors dropping being treated as: "Well, we plan to add the class late
  9. I already have trouble leveling new characters because I go do my faction quests on a new character and boom, some pay2win level 45 comes and ganks me mid-combat. I mean, I could bring my level 45 and beat them since it is true that they don't have the skills to back up their power, but in some cases, firepower is all you need. After all, if even one shot will kill you, doesn't matter how good you are, it is just a matter of time until they get a hit in.
  10. Translation quality. All I'm going to say. Personally, they really do need to add a shortcut function where you can jump straight to whatever section the party is at. A lot of games have this function and it makes sense to have.
  11. There is already an option to not join a party in session. Just nobody bothers to use it. Personally? If they are on the last boss, why not just do it? Get good loot for a short run. One problem that has been happening though is people get forced dc'ed.
  12. Whenever the bosses hit about 20% hp, I'm getting the Error 1000 disconnection.
  13. You make it sound like we would get a fix if it wasn't.
  14. I blame the 2/12 client patch. That is when this started for me.
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