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  1. @Cyan that isn't compensation, that's a slap in the face for good measure. How can you even begin to think that 7 ascension orbs can cover up for the hundreds of thousands of white orbs, demon spirit stones, frozen orbs and mandate feathers turning into a few silvers?! You make an event that have been gated behind a new resource that you can't even farm anymore and made a rare drop that most people saved for after the patch because you people, ON STREAM, told them that it would be exchangeable for the new less rare but more needed material. You either have to sufficiently compensate this mistake, be true to your word and give us what was promised on stream, or stand to lose a huge portion of players for this major screw up. This is in a whole other league from the gem powder fiasco, that was at least compensated with some gold (much less than what was lost but at least it was better than 1 copper a piece)
  2. lvl 60 voucher

    They have the same function though, didn't matter which one of those you pressed to register for the pack, and they used in the phrase just above "register now", though i admit that they probably should've worded it like "register for the free pack" instead, it's not like there was a lack of space to write those buttons a bit longer. I hope that you and your friends pressed any of the buttons to register. And hope this clears up this missunderstanding.
  3. lvl 60 voucher

    no, the two buttons for the pack, pressing the button now gives this message: Sorry! You are not eligible for this registration event. Only accounts created prior to 10:00 a.m. PST / 19:00 CET on February 25, that are in good standing and have a character that is level 10 or higher, are valid for registration. But, you can transcend all your limits and more in Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan on March 13 it only says that because the registration has ended though. i'm not sure if the button isn't there because you already registered for it or if your cookies have updated since the registration have ended. But if you ever pressed one of those buttons, you should be good. edit: the "play free now" button at the top right is for registering an account, since i'm not logged in. the two REGISTER NOW buttons are for the free pack.
  4. lvl 60 voucher

    https://imgur.com/a/NWNBOxy not sure if that works for you, don't really use imgur
  5. lvl 60 voucher

    There is no pleasing you, they have done plenty of attempts to reach out to players, there is a "register now" button on the top of the page, if you pressed it, you would have been prompted to log in. You say that you didn't get a prompt to log in, which either means you didn't press the button (which then is totally on you) or was already logged in when you pressed it which means that you can log in to redeem the free pack tommorow. All the information that you need is right there on that page: Register now to get a FREE Hongmoon Ascension Pack when the update goes live on March 13! followed by a high contrast button that says REGISTER NOW then information about what is in the pack, followed by the high contrast button saying, again, REGISTER NOW followed by a link for eligibility followed by the time limit for the registration and finally a step by step guide how you will get your free pack once the patch goes live if you registered. Pray tell, what more could they do to make it more clear to you what you need to do?
  6. lvl 60 voucher

    To claim your Hongmoon Ascension Pack: You must have registered for the pack before 12:00 p.m. PDT on March 11, 2019. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/legacy-of-the-hongmoon-clan/ Did you even bother to read? The page have been linked to during the live stream and was stickied on reddit and is on the news page as well as there being a forum post on this very forum and it says on the very page the time limit to register. Do not blame NC for your own ignorance.
  7. Then just release one tier or two tiers? Why are you rushing it? Pet Aura actually cost more to upgrade, from awakened hongmoon pet aura to max is 448 pet pods, but the difference is that the pet aura have progressively increased in tiers (the original price is way more than 448 because of the current cost reductions). So you are incorrect in your assumption that the talisman is "more expensive than those" "Reaching the Brilliant Fleeting Legacy Soul will require 26 Blossom Orbs *along with gold for each evolution*" I think it is weirdly worded, i think they actually meant to have a comma separating those parts, meaning that it should be "26 Blossom Orbs, along with gold for each evolution", otherwise it makes no ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ sense
  8. So we'll get the third specialisation at a later date then. Thank you for the response!
  9. @Youmukon Will we get a third specialization? I believe this has been asked a few times, but I haven't seen an official response.
  10. Outfit that fit BM

    Shockcaller and hongmoon outfit, looks like a jedi

    I'd do naksun a few times, a few extra moonstone while you get the badges
  12. I thought so too, but after checking the prices to upgrade to aransu 6 from baleful 1 and then raven 3, it's actually pretty much the same, the difference in price lies pretty much only on the hive queens heart and raven souls versus silver scale. But the damage boost on raven path is much more valuable than the relatively small difference in price (think it ended up being less than 200 gold difference). Granted, that was checked a couple of days ago, i'm sure the difference was much more in favor for the PvE path before the PTS prices dropped.
  13. Every 1 time that happens we have hundreds or thousands of AFKs and leechers. Sure that one time can be very frustrating, but compared to the massively more common abuse (which i would define as heavily abused) of AFKs and leechers, your rare case sounds infinately more appealing, especially since it can be prevented with good moderators who actually enforce good behaviour. No amount of moderators can keep track of all these AFKs and leechers on the other hand, which mean they will go free and continue to do what they do and keep frustrating other players.
  14. It's nice to see the community so emotionally invested that they write essays on a forum about it. Though punctuation is apparently very hard for some people, some of the walls of text is so hard on the eyes to read.
  15. lower dungeons for lower lvl toons

    I'm usually contributing the most in my parties, i usually pull threat on my chars (not speccing threat), including alts, so i simply learned how to tank with them. I'm not asking total strangers to carry me, i'm enjoying the game with total strangers. Thus, i find it more fun playing in a party.