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  1. So... why are we forced to use the new launcher? It randomly defaults to NA for EU players, it download language files no one wants since it just bloats the HDD/SSD, it doesn't even work for a lot of people, and for some people it just straight up deleted the game forcing them to redownload the entire thing... I've yet to see anyone complimenting the thing, you could've at least fix SOME of the huge problems with it before forcing us to use this crap...
  2. B.) those weapons is as any other weapon you get from a chest; random. I got 7 slots on the one chest i opened (i had raven 3 on all the others already at that point). If you have 8 slots on your weapon, go to celestial basin and farm peaches, it's fairly fast to get naryu tablets there, if you don't have 8 slot, spend as many naryu silver as you have to buy a seraph/baleful chest in grand harvest square until you do get a 8 slot and then go farm peaches (you can do the orange quest Temple of Sucession to get a riftwalk/dawnforged to speed up the peach farming before you can upgrade the wea
  3. Just keep trying, once you see xigncode pop up it'll start eventually. Can take me up to 10 tries some times.
  4. Talk for yourself, I like Overboard. I don't really want it in a jackpot chest, but if you could make Secretkeeper accountbound i'd be real happy, i want it on my gunner and maybe warden (haven't checked since if i like it i'll just get disappointed that i can't send a spare over...) and maybe Archer in the future when we get that class. Very few event clothes have stayed untradable (they are usually during the event and maybe a few weeks after event ends, then become accountbound). I see no reason why Secretkeeper would not be accountbound....
  5. Because the known issues post is complete.... The database for F2 hasn't been updated in over a year, can't search for any character name that wasn't in the game at the gunner patch, and NO, it is NOT and have NEVER been an issue exclusive to gunner and warden as the known issues page have naively stated multiple times.
  6. Prove me wrong, as far as i know it's either been tokens themselves or current season fragments in every trove. Because why would you pay for fragments which isn't even accountbound and is outdated, risking not being able to make even a single token... well, the token itself isn't even tradable so even more of a facepalm in this case.
  7. You mean I could have had my cute little Lyns as my profile pic on the one relevant forum? on top of everywhere else where i currently are using it?! jokes aside. If i could've had a rendered character portrait on the forums based on one of my characters wearing what s/he has in-game i would have been seriosuly happy... that ain't happening (to much effort for you for no gain), so i'm content with just being able to switch from having this character that looks a lot like my friend's Yun SF
  8. It's extra annoying that the trove not gives liberty fragments and gives us the non-farmable victory fragments still.
  9. Did you download the new launcher or the old one (their damn cache error)?
  10. @Cyan that isn't compensation, that's a slap in the face for good measure. How can you even begin to think that 7 ascension orbs can cover up for the hundreds of thousands of white orbs, demon spirit stones, frozen orbs and mandate feathers turning into a few silvers?! You make an event that have been gated behind a new resource that you can't even farm anymore and made a rare drop that most people saved for after the patch because you people, ON STREAM, told them that it would be exchangeable for the new less rare but more needed material. You either have to sufficiently compensat
  11. They have the same function though, didn't matter which one of those you pressed to register for the pack, and they used in the phrase just above "register now", though i admit that they probably should've worded it like "register for the free pack" instead, it's not like there was a lack of space to write those buttons a bit longer. I hope that you and your friends pressed any of the buttons to register. And hope this clears up this missunderstanding.
  12. no, the two buttons for the pack, pressing the button now gives this message: Sorry! You are not eligible for this registration event. Only accounts created prior to 10:00 a.m. PST / 19:00 CET on February 25, that are in good standing and have a character that is level 10 or higher, are valid for registration. But, you can transcend all your limits and more in Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan on March 13 it only says that because the registration has ended though. i'm not sure if the button isn't there because you already registered for i
  13. https://imgur.com/a/NWNBOxy not sure if that works for you, don't really use imgur
  14. There is no pleasing you, they have done plenty of attempts to reach out to players, there is a "register now" button on the top of the page, if you pressed it, you would have been prompted to log in. You say that you didn't get a prompt to log in, which either means you didn't press the button (which then is totally on you) or was already logged in when you pressed it which means that you can log in to redeem the free pack tommorow. All the information that you need is right there on that page: Register now to get a FREE Hongmoon Ascension Pack when the update goes live on March
  15. To claim your Hongmoon Ascension Pack: You must have registered for the pack before 12:00 p.m. PDT on March 11, 2019. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/legacy-of-the-hongmoon-clan/ Did you even bother to read? The page have been linked to during the live stream and was stickied on reddit and is on the news page as well as there being a forum post on this very forum and it says on the very page the time limit to register. Do not blame NC for your own ignorance.
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