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  1. Hi, I have sent you guys an email about my name as well (my circumstances are similar to joh), but I have not got a reply. It seems like I am unable to message you on the forums as well. Can I ask you guys to message me as well about a display name change?
  2. I am at Awakened Pirate am I safe?

    You will go from Awakened Pirate to True Pirate
  3. The cost will scale with supply and demand. Since gold will be easier to get in level 50 patch, then you will get more gold for your money. I expect the cost to be relatively the same though (as in, the amount of NCoin spent for enough gold to buy an item of equal importance will likely be the same once the patch settles in). The only way this can change is if the active population of the game changes (this also more than likely includes bots).
  4. Weapon Progression Guide

    Inb4 you can choose paths but the cost and materials required (aside from the weapon) is the same as new path.
  5. Premium points for Recurring Membership?

    I am curious about this as well.
  6. New 50 lvl big update

    Unfortunitely, It appears to be true. Forum moderators would of probably clarified by now if it wasn't true instead of locking/merging threads. Also, first announcement was actually on Youtube; not that it makes it any better lel.
  7. New 50 lvl big update

    That logic makes no sense. Nobody is saying to quit playing or to avoid starting a new character because of a new patch. The point is that a lot of unnecessary work and grinding could of been avoided if we were alerted of these changes much earlier. Imagine grinding for the 7 Moonwater Transformation Stones you need for the next weapon path and then you are told that in 2 days, the materials you need to upgrade completely change. Kids these days.
  8. New 50 lvl big update

    Wrong. The pirate path released on Feb 10th -> 6 weeks. Not to mention, many people main Warlock so they had to go from Level 1 to Level 45 Awakened Pirate in 3 weeks. Unfortunately, for people who love this game but are not able to enjoy it more than a few hours a day on certain days of the week, the only way for them to do this is to only focus on one character and possibly even ignore other parts of the game such as arena.
  9. New 50 lvl big update

    People wouldnt complain about it if they actually gave players more time to get the gear they need. I mean damn they tell us the patch is coming "This spring" and then a few days later they tell you have 2 days to do whatever you need to do to prepare for the only patch that actually requires you to prepare, or else you get left behind. Since when is NCSoon less than 7 days?
  10. New 50 lvl big update

    How come NCSoft hasn't done a survey yet on the rate of new patch releases? It seems like most people agree that the release updates are going by way too fast. Like, the game came out a little over two months ago and we already got 3 content patches, one of which being a new level cap... NCSoft is punishing people who are not able to spend all of their free time on this game, and that punishment is having to work even harder/spending more time on it just to be able to do endgame content. Not sure what MMO only gives you 1 week to get said best gear in game.
  11. You gotta admit it

    OP is assuming that being good requires being geared/doing dailies. 1 hour a day in arena is more than enough practice imo.
  12. @Shoshin I decided to do the math myself I have made a spreadsheet to calculate total stats here: tl;dr going with Mushin 1 is a bad idea in all cases
  13. That makes a lot more sense, and I think I will go with that. Thanks.
  14. Thanks, but I am still confused on why Mushin F8 3 should be used if it has no crit...? Or is the page I linked incorrect? I stumbled upon this page, and according to it we should be using Naryu 1, Mushin 2, BSH 3, Naryu 4, BSH 5, Naryu 6, BSH 7, Naryu 8. There seems to be some conflicting information though so I'm still confused on what/why some people are suggesting certain setups.
  15. From what I hear, the Endless Tower Soulshield is not the same as the one in korea (we got the chinese version). Is there a chinese version of the Mushin F8 soulshield? If so, does anybody know exactly what stats it has? Trying to figure out what pieces I should be going for after the March 2nd patch.