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  1. Also, if I remember correctly, this is a meme horse head AND ITS IN THE GAME!!! It was one of the best hot deals of the day sellings ever!
  2. Or Cow, Monkey and Pig outfit... This one is way cutier and funnier than the above outfits and will make over 75% of the players want it.
  3. This was the best costume I have ever seen! This outfit would sell more than every outfit that was been in the hongmoon store in any server!
  4. Hello, I started playing in my alt WL a few days ago, I upgraded the weapon to stage 9 and notice that the weapon isn't stacking! I did BT 1-3 and never got one weapon stack or the resets. Today I played for a while in the WL and I notice there wasn't even one stack on it. Please check this.
  5. True... And with this end game content we really need an ingame voice chat for a party/alliance... Doing a discord or Teamspeak everytime you want to do BT makes no sense...
  6. So, we have to wait 1 year until 12 member BT comes out so most of the people can do it? Or we have to pay 2k gold to evolve our weapon buying the mats from other clans? Thats so stupid.
  7. Every other version of Blade & Soul got ingame chat voice, where you can talk with your party and that feature is awsome (tested it when CN BnS was in closed beta) and we are the only region without it, now a few people will say "bla bla bla discord, bla bla bla teamspeak"... Yeah but the reason most of the people can't do black tower is because it's useless to form a party without a chat voice, so, if you don't want to leave your clan and don't have a party, you would need to create a new Discord or Teamspeak each time you want to go BT and that is stupid. The ingame chat voic
  8. My GF just open 100 now and got only 3 crits too... and the first one was after she spend 62 keys...
  9. I guess they just gave out broken keys
  10. There are my results: 120 keys gave me 6 crits (first 50 keys just gave 1 of the crits)... 5 times the same crit... where the best item was 5x Stone of Wisdom or 5x Silverfrost Transformation Stones (Not Premium) 1 time Hepta gem... took the aquamarine My results are worst than in wednesday... Good Job NCSoft!
  11. I already did asking how rewards work... I'm waiting for an answer...
  12. That doesn't explain why some people got 7 premium days and others didn't
  13. Youmukon, Can you explain us why some people just got 3 chests and others got 6 plus 7 days of premium?
  14. The truth is... most of the classes are OP... The only that I think that kinda sucks is the SF (Yes, I got one but I also got a BD, Summoner and WL and I do lot's of PvP to know the other classes) What is broken in PvP at the moment: Assassin: To many stealth, but the real problem is that evasion when he is in stealth, it's too broken even in 6vs6 since they can get the objectives without going out of stealth. Blue buff is too broken in pvp too, easy to do 100-0 on anyone, if you are going complain that you will lose an escape, well first of wall they
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