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  1. Update: This badge gives the same buff as dragonblaze it just refreshes CD on the buff. This doesn't stack with the dragonblaze buff. Do not get this badge. Original Post: Couldn't find any information on the Eternity Soul Badge. If you have ZERO flame damage then this is not worth it at all (still probably not worth it even if you do...) Here's a setup with ZERO original flame damage. It only gives you +100 Flame Damage Here's the formula: Flame Effect = +40% Equipment Flame Damage + 100 Flame Damage Here an accessory with 63 flame damage being equipped. Which is the same effect as Dragonblaze
  2. Spamming Reddit, forums, and Zulia Cerulean chat will not help.
  3. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    I somewhat enjoyed running Blackram Supply Chain when it first came out but this abomination with the "equalized" stats is ridiculous. As an event dungeon it is no fun. NCSoft needs to fix the levers and give players appropriate level 45 stats.
  4. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    This is not fun, this is masochistic.
  5. Aniversary event laughable

    Trash event is trash
  6. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    Unnecessarily hard. Please nerf
  7. Massive LAG!

    It's somewhere in NCSoft ,*puts on glasses* take a look
  8. Massive server lag

  9. Today's Special missing Costumes

    Good grief :'(
  10. Eternity Soul Badge for FMs

    I did some further testing it doesn't stack with the dragonblaze buff either. This is pretty useless considering dragonblaze gives you the same buff and it's on a shorter cd. Umm I can't defend this badge this is very useless.
  11. im dead

    spooky ghost
  12. Black friday

    Hopefully it's something like this...
  13. Please update us on when we are getting them or how we are getting them. Thank You
  14. Please dont bring back tower event

    This tower event is very boring. Viper Cap was faster and better.
  15. 6v6 reward problems

    I don't think Renze is an actual Mod here. Also Ncoins have nothing to do with you receiving 6v6.
  16. Server Delay so badd!!

    I play in NA and my "real" ping is only 50ms. Through the ingame ping it is on average 110ms (it's always been like this for me, no big deal). Since the update this Wednesday 9/28 the ingame ping sometimes jumps up to 300ms. They messed up somewhere.
  17. Such bad costumes. Oh well at least I saved some money.
  18. Wow, their website is so much better! Very nice layout.
  19. I've been noticing that when a player crashes they automatically get kicked from the party. Has happened several times now. Was running with a friend and he said his game just crashed but for us it looked like he left party.
  20. Bring back daily dash!

    I liked the daily dash even if it was stupid crap that I received. I know it's not gone but it was a nice incentive that made me get on during the work week. Why can't there be Daily Dash and Treasure Trove at the same time?
  21. So Bms now top dps

    Awww yeah, my blademaster alt is back from the dead.
  22. Show off your characters!!

    Started leveling a Blademaster