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  1. May the cat god show you the way. Congrats on the rank!
  2. You guys/gals just steam rolling through, I wish I was right there helping out. We're always looking for new members; just message here, pm an Eterna member to be pointed in the right direction, or just visit our E-amazing website! If your on all the time or just a couple of hours, we welcome you! All that we ask is be friendly, respectful, and of course, have fun with us on teamspeak! Bump! :D
  3. Was a good time at the clan photo event and congrats on the clan levels. I know clan 3 just got to level 4.
  4. One of us... One of us... Just make sure you're on teamspeak while playing, we do enjoy seeing new faces. Eterna isn't just a guild but a community so if you don't know if your going to stick with BNS, we have other games that we play as well.
  5. They have to go through a process, which takes time unfortunately.
  7. Experiencing Skill Delay

    Having the same issue with the skill delay but no asus here.
  8. Congrats everyone! I just got back from Miami, Magic City Comic Con which was awesome but glad to be back. Now time for some B&S! Welcome new people and old, this community is great and we have such a variety of people and things we do! Come check us out!
  9. The great Sarumonin has spoken! Lol Soon the world shall be ours! One of us! Can't wait to get on after work and start playing with my fellow members.
  10. Just a word of advice, make sure you do take the time to fill out the application and not just put anything down. Those that are just joining, welcome and hope you enjoy gaming/chatting with us. If you want to get to know your fellow members better or just get comfortable with everyone, you should try out or weekly events. :)
  11. It's okay, we will casually walk over everybody. :p
  12. It's official! Been waiting for this thread to be born. :) Come check us out, we have lots to offer and even have community events!
  13. Error 5300 -_-

    Guess it's a known error for some people, will just have to wait to here back from them. =/
  14. [Poll] What class will you pick at release ?

    Still undecided, hopefully with the upcoming betas I will finally decide.