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  1. luera


  2. I won't bother to post the jacket trace since it's a bit less line-for-line and I know people will say it isn't similar enough to be a trace.
  3. This doesnt relate to the topic at hand and shouldn't even hace been brought up. Stop trying to sound like someone who's above this, thanks.
  4. Thank you so much for considering our feedback! It's truly appreciated tht you acknowledged us.
  5. Of course you are. Your strategy of 'expecting' this is just an attempt to safeguard yourself from criticism.
  6. Look, the person who did the crime should be held responsible, not just judges. The person who committed the offense is the most at fault, here.
  7. My point is there was no effort. My issue is not in wearing it because I dislike the design; it's because they are being rewarded for their borderline criminal activity. This isn't just someone who is upset because they dislike the outfit; I'm upset because nothing is being done and this is clearly behavior tht would warrant being disqualified in any other contest which is professionally-- or even unprofessionally operated. I'm not looking to argue with someone with such a single-minded attitude like YOU. It's sad you can't see what's wrong with this situation.
  8. I can draw just fine without tracing. I didn't join this contest because I know tht from last year tht whoever judges these is incompetent. They didn't "draw and do something" they looked around for things to copy and trace then did just tht; this doesn't require any sort of thought or procedure and shouldn't qualify as an original idea. You don't know what you're talking about
  9. So, why are you defending the scum who is getting away with stealing and being generally just a lazy person? They don't deserve to win and NCsoft isn't doing anything about this.
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