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  1. i wouldn't mind if you failed during windwalk and crashed on me *o*
  2. Just made my new character look a like to Ken Masters from street fighter series. i think i got pretty close
  3. you'll get there, eventually :D I focused more on Arena PvP and getting costumes instead of what most people do earning gold and upgrading equipment and such :P
  4. well it's a good start yeah, currently trying to get the black veil from shadowless queen quest in yahara's mirage no luck there thus far. i do have to say i got pretty lucky on Furin's Red Mask only about 37 runs and had it, compared to what i read some people only got it after like 100~200+ runs :D
  5. insert other media isn't allowed for some reason on my B&S forum account ;D and didn't want to taint the forum page with my character, if that would happen everyone would Kreygasm
  6. Well if i must http://imgur.com/a/hVTF8
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