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  1. Balance is made for the players that are good, not for the low skill players. So yes the game is balanced, but not when it is two bad players against each other.
  2. As FM if I burn my SS and Tab (both at 36s CD), then he can combo me for 90% of my hp in about 6 seconds.
  3. Healing is there to save your sorry ass from the mistakes you made, not to be a strategy to win. If you let your opponent damage you, you have messed up, that is why damage dealt is what matters. Healing is just a way to allow a comeback for you, instead of the match ending quickly with you at 0% It takes a ton more skill to avoid damage, than it does to heal it.
  4. Most players are not good at pvp right now, it is only a few people at the top ratings right now that are really good at pvp, BELOW that skill level summoners have an easier time. But once more people reach a high level of skill, a summoner will win or lose based on who is better only.
  5. They just require less to do good with, and takes more to do good against. When both players are good, it just comes down to who is better. edit: Quote feature messing my text up.
  6. New season started less than 18h ago, and it is not prime time yet for EU people to be online (assuming you are from EU). Give it a few days and it will be a lot better.
  7. If their odds of winning were better by doing that, then they would. The reason they don't do it is because being offensive is just better than running away.
  8. It bothers me because it is incorrect, people being consistently inaccurate when they should know better is just annoying to me. That is why I said their arguements should be that the imbalances that exist doesn't matter for the competitive aspect of PvP, because that would be significantly more accurate. Balance is about equal playing field despite class preferance, people shouldn't use balance in their arguements if they just want to convey that one class is capable of beating another class. Chess would be an example where one side is still fully capable of beating the other
  9. If you channel veil, you literally can't do anything else, there is never a point where clicking veil without 3 skillpoints in it is a good idea. And at that point the dmg reduction is either 20 or 15%. With that said, petal storm doesn't really improve from skillpoints in it, while veil does become a lot better. if the OP showed 3 skill point petal vs veil then it doesn't look so bad.
  10. Game got the biggest esport scene I know about of any mmo... "pvp in this game is a joke" -Expert thread starter.
  11. I can't speak for all of course, but in my case I keep pointing out FM is among the weakest currently. I don't have any point beyond that, I don't think them being weakest matters in PvP as of right now, when everyone is terrible at the game it to me isn't really any point in making excuses other than lack of skill. But it really bothers me that people won't acknowledge that there is a difference, if this difference is irrelevant due to the impact of skill then do argue that by all means, but to completely deny there is an imbalance at all feels very unfair from how I see it.
  12. For balance, yes we do need to buff them, hence why they are getting a buff, and even in buffed version they are considered low tier.
  13. It is strange, even in koreas current patch where FM is quite a bit stronger than in ours, they still consider FM as low tier. Yet people keep saying FM in our patch isn't weak, if our FM isn't weak BEFORE the version that it is considered low tier in, then what exactly is it? I said this in another thread, but someone winning with a class only proves it is possible to win with it, not that it isn't a disadvantage. Petter solberg could be in a pretty shitty low cost car while I had a top quality rally car, and he would still race way ahead of me in a rally. If
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