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  1. Question about pets

    You either have to revert the pet (submit ticket to support) to awaken lv10 or by transmutation your legendary pet to ultimate pet then you can change the skin. Which is what I did amidst this d/c crisis, grizzly is so adorable though! :D
  2. Server Freeze and DC

    I just don't understand. Regardless of who, what, how, or why this is happening. The real question is why it took NC so long to generate a thread and sticky it to inform all the players in this forum, that what is going on. And their 1st official response took them ~24 hrs to make? Like no one had the time to log on their admin acct and make ONE sentence to us all? Btw, I know one of the mods reply to either this or anther thread, but that doesn't count. Edit grammar error
  3. Toxic Players

    I usually see it happens when challenges requires a low lv dungeon and two end of the spectrum meets. High lv rushes and low lv tries to catch up. On the side note. As to the mechanics to the dungeons. I think nowadays, ppl are expected to do some homework, if you intend to pug it. I've heard some ppl dont even get help from their clannies but redirect to google the strategies. Say some of the dungeons like Desolate Tomb, it takes forever to type the instructions or even by voice chat and doing it over and over is time consuming the frustrating. Especially this game has been out for so long in and is in other regions, the dungeons mech has not changed much. Even till this day, I see ppl fail DT and it has been out for a month(?), since it so unforgiving and requires full on team-work, hoping to brute force it through just isn't gana cut it. For your peace of mind and others, it will be wise to check on these strategies. And many times all of the information is just a few click away anyway, just depends on if ppl are self-sufficient enough to do it themselves or waiting to be spoon feed.
  4. Mysterious crystals are for whales?

    @ZDestinyI didn't read them all too carefully and many has many different definitions on what "casual" is. I wanted to point out who are we to know items listed Asura Ember, skin and some other item from coral event will come back or we would gain easy access to them after this event and the following ones? Gems, some of us who follow twitter or twitch may know that they will be recurring. But who was i to know that my sealed taikhan skin will lose its significant value from 350g to under 100g now on market? What if they aren't available for a couple more months, or some other event in the pipeline will provide it? How are we to know what will come for the next event, if some of us never played other regions? We don't see the new patch note a day ahead. We don't follow twitter or spend a certain amount of time to sift through data on reddit posts or forum threads. Your foreknowledge gives you advantages that many do not possess. And there is nothing casual about creating multiple characters to make your personal crafting factory. Even if you can start crafting at lv16, you need to level them up to gather tier 2/3 mats. Perhaps you spent your "2hrs" over a spam of months to level your alts, kudos for you for thinking ahead and being smart about it. You and your frds/clannies are doing things outside the parameter of the OP and many other casual players. You didn't "Just" do dungeons, you played the market and earned money through some other methods that you invested a good amount of time for. So no, if you are a casual player like OP that only does dung for 2-4 hours day, it would be highly unlikely if not impossible to gather enough crystal and energy and gold to upgrade all the gems as f2p by now. Its great that you or Shiro are at where you at in game and you to share some tips of earning gold as f2p. But majority of the people don't have the time to do what you do. And raising the drop rate for the crystal is just one less thing for people to stress about too much (they will still be pretty rare, even if NC increases it). After all, you still need to get the gems, collect energies, and transmutate them all using gold.
  5. An Acknowledgement

    I know the forum is mostly about what NCWest can do to improve the game, but I wanted to mentioned when they did something nice for the players. I imagine they are pretty under appreciated most of the time. So i accidentally combined HM secret technique volume 2 ch1 and ch2 together on a character that has already unlocked that skill. (Que head bashing). I wasn't sure if submitting a ticket will work, there is not actual guideline as to what GM will help you recovery and what they will not. But I thought wth, can't hurt if I tried. So i did. After a few emails exchange, I got my volume ch1 and ch2 back. Thank you GM Ariestaurus and GM Flea for helping me out, and that I really appreciated it. if anyone else encounter similar mistakes like mine, feel free to submit a ticket. This is something they can do.
  6. Aww the good ol' Mad King. This was probably the hardest one I've done in GW2. Any other puzzle after this is cake. The rewards were best the 1st year, nothing good except the satisfactions of repeat success 2nd year onward.
  7. Anguish Bracers?

    We not have anguish weapons. Maybe its the Tormented weapon chests instead?
  8. Nuuuu, i missed the NA giveaway?! The collector (hoarder) in me is weeping. I cry... Too bad I only noticed this site a few days ago.
  9. How to catch up?

    I didn't say you can only do certain dungeon on a certain day, I only say "best time" to do them as you mentioned that it takes 25 mins to find a grp. Dailies and daily challenges are two separate things. On off DCs day, lower lv dungeons are probably hard to do for a number of reasons.
  10. How to catch up?

    The best time to farm those lower lv dungeons are the days they are part of daily challenges. It is also good idea for farm the upgrade or breakthrough weap/acc ahead of time while you are in those dungeons. You can also purchase some of the items using the siren/pirate emblems with NPCs, ofc you'll need to farm these dungeons to get them or buy from the store.
  11. There are a few dungeons I'll look past and some just irritates the heck out of me and some I'll either kick or leave grp. For example, CS; there isn't a lot a pt has to do, CC mane and lure the automatons away from mane, etc. I joined a one or two parties that asked for 500+ (myself at the time ~650+) and turns out everyone was below 500. I thought it should be fine, but turns out everybody like to be lazy in CS. No one CC mane, and there I was running around luring the automatons around the room, trying to dps, avoid circles and gets knockdown by its aoes. Another one is Mandate. Similar situation and during the 2nd part, while I am tanking as FM, no one attack the adds. I was being pull by the boss and died from the aoe and constant range attacks from the adds. You can avoid some of the mechanics in these dungeons, but in the lower AP region, learn the mechanics and do your part.
  12. Undocumented changes

    Oh wow, I am glad i saw this. I thought it was my imagination that my dual dragon stayed up way longer than before. I had to waste my dual dragon sometimes because we cleared things so fast, and once we arrive at the next mobs, it'll be gone already.
  13. Dragon and Tiger Weapon

    I am not really seeing the problem here. As long as the new(?) legendary weapon is and will remain a extremely rare drop in Naryu/Nexus and costs close to 6300g to get the weapon on MP. And what will the upgrade mats be? Will it be the premium stone or mw stone or silverfrost stone? I doubt there will be many new lv 45 players that go with that path, except for some paying players or some that wishes to upgrade their alts and fast trek them to legendary weapon. Many may have spent 6300g, but who would hold on that much money and not just upgrade their weapon bit by bit. You'll basically be stuck on True profane to try and save up that much money. And what are the bonus stats on these weapon? As we all know, Oathbreaker path was way inferior than Siren/Pirate path.
  14. DPS Meter? do you like it or no?

    The verdict is still out for me on DPS meter. It is hard for me not to look at the during fights and can be distracting. It is the competitiveness in me rears its head. I still does what I do during each dungeons. (Veil, Sheath, all that good stuff) But I've noticed that I can't really rely on it too much. I will infuse chi on party member if they can be revived. I will tank if I have aggro, which as a FM i really rather not, but happens occasionally. I am also working on my rotation to better myself and less brainless repeat of lmb>rmb>2. I have yet to meet anyone that gives me grief on my dps, I hope that will con't to be the case (knock on wood).
  15. Hehe, like few of the above posts, I didn't really notice it too. But I am interested to see if any moderators has seen this yet and reported to NCWest. Same as @Alysha Hawkeye, I make my income from doing dailies most of the time.If they nerfed some if not all dungeons, well, you'll feel it the more you play.