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  1. @Pollux Damn that gon is right up there on my fav list! One of the best I've seen *o* really awesome job.
  2. Seeing a few warlocks, here's mine!
  3. Wow you've got some hella mad art skills! 100% interested in a commission, threw you a note on DA!
  4. Weekend 3: Nov 24–30 starting at 10am PDT. We've still got 4 and a half hours before servers are up! ;)
  5. here you go I uploaded it for you, Let me know if it works :P
  6. Yeah you'll get your ncoin at launch again so spend away! :P
  7. Name reservations will be just before headstart, so still a while to go!
  8. Yeah we can only play during those times :) Although we do have a nice extended weekend on the 24th-30th November!
  9. No set date yet but I imagine it will be sometime after release.
  10. I think they mentioned in a stream that the way name reservation will be done is they'll open up character creation, I'm assuming 1 or 2 slots depending on which founder pack you bought! ;)
  11. I imagine we'll still have all our NCoin for EU CBT. EU/ NA servers are completely separate so it wouldn't make much sense if the test coin we're using up on NA somehow applies to EU ;) , also if you look at your NCoin on your account page it hasn't gone down. However a quick confirmation from staff on this would be great! :P
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