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  1. Show off your characters!!

    @Pollux Damn that gon is right up there on my fav list! One of the best I've seen *o* really awesome job.
  2. HM5 and lvl50 ?

    When the patch hits you'll stop gaining HM experience until you reach level 50, then it will resume! :P
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Seeing a few warlocks, here's mine!
  4. Art Shop | Open

    You've got some lovely work, if I hadn't already commissioned someone this month I'd probably message you! :>
  5. Ah sorry I couldn't help, perhaps try contacting support if you haven't already? They've been quite fast to answer some of my problems.
  6. Try restarting your game, remember seeing someone in faction chat with this issue!
  7. I've been using dokumo 8's but I'm aiming for the artisinal moonwater soul shield primers (from crafting).
  8. No problem :D and it acts as a hat, so it won't be in char creation.
  9. When you buy an item from the hongmoon store it will bring up this chest icon at the bottom right of your screen, The item will stay there until you retrieve it on any of your characters. So you should be able to buy the head adornment you want, leave it in the box until warlock is released and then claim it when you're logged in on that character. Hope that cleared it up for you!
  10. Let me draw your Lyn

    Wonderful art Rejji, and an adorable lyn~ @Bunn Your char is ridiculously cute!
  11. Renaming Cats?

    Nah they aren't, unfortunately there's no way for us to rename our cats. Who knows, maybe it will be something they add in the future.
  12. Private Trade

    You can already privately trade items. Hold alt and right click your friend, this little menu should pop up.
  13. question about server

    I'd say go for one of the newer servers they've released so you can avoid the queues, Either Twin Wagons or Spirit's Rest.