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  1. Photogenic Characters

    I don't post here often, but thought I'd share a few I took in the spirit of Summer.
  2. New Character Customization Options

    Unsure if this is the forum to make a suggestion but a Dark Blue, Royal Blue, and Purple hair color would be a really nice addition to what was added for NA. Reason being is that there were already a few shades of Blue that were a similar tone as the ones added in; the vivid, bright type. They're not bad, but a darker, saturated Blue would be a nice fit as well later on down the road. As for Purple the only option players really have are an extremely dark purple or a lavender of sorts... a middle ground or two would make for an an excellent palette, convenient for darker skintones, and round off the color wheel. Hairstyle wise a longer, lavish ponytail that's a bit more natural than the ones present later in the game would also be a nice addition. The ones able to use in the creator are too short (especially for females) and bland compared to some later in the game. But even those are a bit too extreme or have some accessory tacked onto it.
  3. Found a bug in the "Escort Dodan and Chengun" portion of the quest where if the boss is killed before Dodan and Chengun reach it, Dodan waits at the entrance to the boss fight forever. The quest never progresses as a result and the dungeon has to be left and restarted to clear again.
  4. Quest: Socket to Me

    It's like that in one of the other regions as well, unfortunately. Don't get a gem until a while later and then have to report back to that npc to clear the quest. Should definitely be edited for us since that's tedious.
  5. Way of the Forcemaster Bug

    Similar to how as a Destroyer, Hajoon claimed to be an expert Blade Master.
  6. I can't vouch for other races yes, but I definitely noticed for Jin with the Bamboo Guard uniform on that when carrying a bomb, the upper body does not move. This includes when walking forward and backwards.