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  1. They cant do a roll back, here's why.

    Sure you do.
  2. They cant do a roll back, here's why.

    I worked for Cisco and their servers, I have a certification. I know what I'm talking about. What education do you have?
  3. With a rollback they would have to refund nc coin spent during the event they would have to fix anyone's account that made a new char during this time because that char wouldn't be there, they would have to restore items and acc earned during that time and give all perm members the time on perm that was lost, they would have to fix a lot more issues then that it's more work to do a rollback then to fix the issue and give a gift.... they can't afford the time and money to do the rollback because of these issues and more, it would also take at least 3 days to reset the servers and during that time they would lose money and people to other games. they won't do a rollback and I don't even know where people have read that it was even an option because it's not. think of the manpower it would take to do all of this plus this game is only 3% of their total income so if they put all that in it would make the game in the black for them. doing refunds and paying the people they employe to do all of this. whoever started the rumor about a rollback was stupid and didn't know the implications of what they were talking about.
  4. Fancy Rats (Competitive Clan)

    Would love more info
  5. Looking for active people to play with!

    I am as well.