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  1. Fancy Rats (Competitive Clan)

    The Fancy Rats clan is all about new/returning/current players that want assistance in quests or even dungeons/battlegrounds. It is about growth in learning together and keeping peace in patience with one another. I started this clan since returning to BnS to find it to be somewhat desolate compared to its former glory days. The gap between the elite and those who just started or had just returned was so large that I realized I'd have to solo dungeons up till end-game if I wanted to complete quests. Even as we grow and we finally reach those dungeons that take so long to master, we will be there for those that are just starting out as well who have yet to reach that point. Please let me know if you'd be interested in joining, as it is a new clan and as a returning player many things have changed to the point that I might as well be brand new to BnS. This game was my obsession and happiness for quite some time and I'd like it to continue that way as I dive back in. It's always more fun with people that are looking for that as well. P.S.
  2. Returning player looking for guide

    Welcome back! I am a returning player as well and felt so lost when coming back. So far I'm diving back in pretty well and I'll just let you know kind of where I went from day 1 to now. First off, I had received the email returning players get with a redeemable code on the ncsoft/bns website when you login. That will help with catching up on the equipment (so hopefully you did get that email for returning players). When you login and are choosing the equipment from each chest- don't forget to kind of google around which option would be the best for your playstyle/just best in general. Next, the best thing to do is just those shiny yellow and orange quests. Follow that story quest like a rabid dog for meat. Not only does it help you get back into the gist of the mechanics, but it also gives you new outfits as well as a better feel and exploration for the newer areas that have been added on over the years. As you're going through those, pick up the blue quests that are not dailies (they're solid blue arrows over the NPCs head or in the quest list J) and complete those in the area for exp and a bit of money. After you've gone through that, take a look (my BFF is google) at what equipment/upgrades you'll need for end-game, higher dungeons. Also- ASK YOUR FACTION! Not sure what server/faction you are but if there are people they can be very very helpful to returning players. Some even whip across to your location just to help you with a boss. The community is still very much alive in some parts and always willing to help. Good luck and best of wishes!
  3. It is probably just a typo/mistranslated. The maint will be today, 1/8/20 starting 4:00 AM and approx last 3 hours.
  4. So I'm sure many people have asked these questions, but they seem to be scattered throughout the forums. I'm sorry if the questions have already been answered or I can find them elsewhere, but I haven't been able to find the clear answers I was looking for. I'm sure some of these are obvious questions that BnS has already answered themselves that my scatter brain didn't seem to find, so I apologize if that is so. When BnS launches: Do we keep our characters? Do we keep the costumes that we earned for being premium or from game playing? So do we save our character name right before the 3 day start or as soon as it begins? How do we save our character name? (In other words, would we create a character and name it, saving the name? Or would we login to the game and it asks for the name we want to save?) Is there a specific date/time that BnS announced the 3 day head start begins? Do we keep any of the items we earned in beta play? (Ex: Daily Dash items) Will the appearance changer/extra slot still be there in game for us to use? Does the premium countdown reset? Is it a forever premium when launch starts? Thank you in advance for the detailed answers :) It's really a big help to me.