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  1. We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

    At the end of the day this game is a business like any other business and the aim is to make a income to sustain the business and build upon it, it has a F2p option but the construction, maintenance and development of this business had and will continue to have a cost, would you go to work for free? as wanting every thing in this game to be free is like going to work for free, life does not work in such a way and every thing has a cost, The f2p players can play the game free, by choice, but the business needs to make its income in some way or any business will not survive, they have many costs and over heads that need to be paid like staff and power consumption being basic ones, you think all this is free? It would seem many people who complain about such thing's live in a delusional or ignorant reality constructed by there own mind and perception, from the random f2p player to those like Keroppi and Jarke who make youtube video's and cry about the ''option's'' this game provides to continue this business model that is Blade and Soul the game, And the ''option's'' they offer for IRL money are optional and you have a choice at the end of the day, buy or do not buy it is your choice, I ask again would you go to work for free? can a business be a business with no income to sustain it? To those who cry, wake up from your disillusioned reality and ignorant mind set, nothing in this world is free even if it has the F2P option that this game does, the need to make an income is still required, possibly even more due to so many F2P players taking and not contributing to the business, how could any business hope to survive if every thing is free? This is why such games like World of Warcraft has never and will never go F2P, So all that being said, if this game and business does fail, it will be due to the F2P option it provides and those who do not contribute to the business at all but expect all thing's for free, Consider all that before you cry about the people who work at the business every day to bring you this game, should they go to work for free? would you? I doubt it very much....