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  1. Why is it so damn expensive to mail Silver Scale or Enlightened Jewls or even Hive queen's heart. What's so special about these materials? It's cheaper to mail crystals. I don't want to spend over 500 gold to send some bound materials, for every stuff i decide to mail i have to pay 1g each, idm if it's like 2 or 3 but over 500 it's so damn much, and i'm mailing to my alt, not to somebody else. They are the same, bound material to help you upgrading, you get them for same raids, same dungeons. Why so damn expensive???
  2. LOL legit LOL. Do you know how cancerous is WARPED CITADEL in HARD MODE? Taking 100 years to find a party for it in hard mode and 1000 years to finish it, plus the DROP rate is so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, legit 1 psyche and 1 outfit piece in 50 runs when it came out. What about alts? Do you expect us to go hard mode with alts now or what? What WORKS in KOREA will NEVER WORK in EU/NA. Like remembers Hunter's Refuge ??? This is such bullshit. It feels like you all dogs for Korea and listen to everything what they say, clearly you guys don't lose anything, meanwhile the players that spend money and time here
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