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  1. @Grimoir u Lie that u did that in that ms it highly impossible if u play 400 u do know but u lie u never face 400ms urself if u have any proof record a video with 400 ms and then i will consider u not lie i surely know u make community dead for server side people not outside world people who playing since 4 year and plz dont need ur bad comment on this forum page thnx for support easleyrr , sayahell and miggy
  2. -IMPORTANT before insulting this post make sure post ur ign - should not have warden that will consider - warden has been nerf in korea server from pvp as it design for tank reason for automation block will doing high dps Sever-hit in warden with no gear player inflict with 200-300k-400k damage on person (note more then ranger damage ) issue in beluga think about short zone radius is hard to avoid doges 1hit cause 90% hp drop have multiple image proof low gear warden do higher damage and kill rate then good gear player need nerfing on sever
  3. @Necrontyr provide ur ign i dam sure u using warden or fm that why insulting these post stop insulting this post u trash people who dont care what going on come and spread toxic and gone
  4. Grimoir show me some proof ur friend clear it in 450 ms lier with video footage if he clear once it easier for him to do again (tell him to tick server delay button and send video record ) of last boss i know u lier
  5. in real life people are more toxic then game should kept in mind if u gonna cry go play other game it not for children who cant handle normal joke
  6. Blade and soul hide their info they make hard for loyal people play time by removing the discount upgrade soul heart weapon tailsman it should be important for them after launch of new spec should gift additional slot or lvl card like last time of warden or should provide certain upgrade stuff like nebula or anything that help people to upgrade things easily mostly what i saw why alts remain un-upgrade cause people wait for event shown up to make their alts gear up likewise people leeching in daily quest with raven3 and bt lvl 1 because bns did event but now their no event they waiting
  7. i tried all server all of them ms reached to 700-800 only eu has 250 ms while na 390 with vpn
  8. my question why they putting pve gloves in pvp mao cause only north people who have good ping can grab those thing what about others 60%
  9. u are an pilot seller i know it talk trash for 60% people who not done mao
  10. Blade and soul using wipe system allow in last 20% hp boss got crazy and wipe instant what kind of system is that how can 400 ms and above can quickly doge it? their are 60% people who not yet win single mao run cause of their ping and their pc issue why pve gloves put in pvp dugeno i really need people help to support to remove wipe system from mao or help to allow purchase system from ncoin =Is This game for NA people only not for Asia or any other zone who playing with their north friend have bad ping but still enjoying their life with them [note]
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