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  1. I see something that is very disturbing to me there are a lot of people who defend this update with their soul and body claiming the optimization is top notch and saying just upgrade to better PC, the same ppl are those who have latest I9 or Ryz9 paired with 3080-3080TI this beyond annoying and they are boasting with thousands of euro system. This game should allow you to run mid - range 60 fps with no problem since it's competitor Black Desert am i right ? runs very well on UE4.
  2. I7 8700 stock speed and 2080 - arround 30-35 fps in fishing area.......
  3. This is an online game i don't want just to block people and hide the chat i might just go play single player games if i do that, however i don't understand why the community is so toxic in dungeons some of them are completed litteraly in under 2 min and i see some dudes spamming a bunch of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ on chat why didn't u see skill X why u didn't do and trash talking like mad after a fight of 20 sec or 30 sec literally there are some bosses i don't even have time to hit them they die so fast yet ppl are rushing like mad and fill the chat with bs. This game community is more toxic then le
  4. Is there any way to report trash talkers in this game ? i'm getting sick of their toxic daily behavior this game should have an option to report toxic ppl there should be a system that chat bans them, literally after a hard day of work the least u wanna see is toxic ppl.......
  5. is there anything i can do to force this game to use more then 25 % cpu and 30-35% gpu ? this game refuses to use high end PC resources.
  6. also i noticed something weird in task manager, the game uses only 25-30% cpu and barely 40% of my gpu
  7. my character is is just lvl 8 i have strong doubts the class is the reason for low fps, when i first logged it was a random character that i had in jadestone village there i was surprised to see i have like 22 fps <_<
  8. hello, i recently returned to this game to see the new archer class, however the game feels clanky and hard to play with all this fps drops and spikes. Any suggestions ? i can't keep the game to stable 60 fps without dropping fps randomly to 22 or 30 here are my specs i7 8700 16 gb ram 2666 mhz RTX 2080 SSD Patriot Burst 960 GB
  9. So.... does anyone know when the Unreal Engine 4 will come to this game for europe ? i can barely play it without having spikes and low performance here are my specs : i7 8700 GTX 1060 6 GB 16 gb Ram 2666 mhz Game installed on SSD FHD resol for " better fps" doesn't help at all
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