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  1. you can get to raven 3 weapon with ez and all legendary accessory + some hexa gems... 2-3 players is needed with this kind of gear to deal with those dungeons... and if you need mats for something on the lower dungs and you cant find people at all then try to find a clan that will be nice to help you to get the things that you need...
  2. i also agree im as full VT just cant get past 40%HP and its absurd, events suppose to be for everyone to enjoy and have fun however then the reward is blocked by DPS that you cant even get to deal for some items that you can buy for event currency its really a BS and most of the items in the event currency isnt even useful for high end players anyway... its like there is items in that shop that high end players dont even need but the low end player really need those items to boost there DPS but its DPS Blocked content this event is so "fun" is really comical
  3. yes you can but its kinda a waste? why not create a new character and get it to 60 o-o? the new missions will get you from 55 to 60 anyway o-o
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