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  1. Feels more like the game beat me, emotionally. All my PC's students save Jinsoyun were just killed, without any reason, and without providing a way to defend them or save them. Why? The devs just had the PC stand there stupidly like a eunuch at an orgy. I feel robbed by this game and don't see why I should press on in the story with my other chars. The devs just wrecked it with this ending.
  2. So at the very end of the story, the quest "Chapter 1: Dwindling Light" opens and the task is to "Find a way to live in peace." Okehhhhh. How exactly do I go about completing that quest when there is literally no way to turn it in. Or is the entire game "hung" at that point? Is that as far as the developers got? If it is, there is no closure. No ending credits, nothing. Anybody have an insight about how to complete it? I feel like I'm missing something, probably right under my nose.
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