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  1. I have now completed Act 9. The story finishes at Act 10 Chapter 1 ' Dwindling Light '. Will there be an Act 10?
  2. OK, thanks. I tried another dumpling and this time my stats have increased when I press 'P', though there is no icon anywhere onscreen.
  3. The spicy dumpling is supposed to increase your Critical by 700 and Accuracy by 500 for 30 minutes. However when my character eats one I see no change in my stats on my Character Status (P) and there is nothing on screen to show the buff is active. Do they actually work? My character doesn't seem to be any stronger.
  4. I was in the 6-man party version of the dungeon instead of the solo quest version. The NPC on the ground outside the dungeon did not have a yellow quest marker on him so I did not speak to him and went straight through the portal. When I saw the NPC Poharan inside I assumed I was in the quest dungeon. This time I spoke to the NPC on the ground and clicked ' yes ' to enter the dungeon. The solo dungeon is quite different, as you enter straight into the room where Rahmion is. He has 211k HP instead of 3.7kk HP, Poharan does not get stuck to the ground and no other mobs appear. So I was able to c
  5. I am now on the Act 6 Chapter 9 main quest ' Fragments of Twilight ' where I have to defeat Rahmion in the Ebon Hall dungeon to get the Twilight edge fragment, . With me in the dungeon is the NPC Poharan with her minigun. Poharan joins the fight with Rahmion after a few seconds. She then gets stuck to the floor with some goo. I then have to break the goo within a few seconds to release her so that she can rejoin the battle. When she gets stuck, four other mobs appear around her and start attacking me. They usually kill me before I can even lock target on the goo. If I do manage to survive
  6. Will the Fire and Blood update on 21 March include Act 9 of the main story? Just wondered.
  7. I have some Pinchy's Essence in my inventory from a quest and want to use them at the Wheel of Fortune near Yehara's Mirage. However when I stand by the wheel I cannot interact with it, it is not highlighted. I understand there is an Valentine Event going on at the moment where you have be wearing a Faction outfit and have a event item to use the Pinchy's Essence Wheel. Is there any way to use the Wheel normally with just Pinchy's Essence in your inventory, wearing any outfit and without the event item? Has the normal Pinchy's Essence wheel been moved somewhere else tempora
  8. Has a release date been announced yet for Act 9? Just wondered. I believe the Korean version has Act 9.
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