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  1. 안녕하세요 클랜은 가입은 했는데 디스코드 채널을 몰라서요 메시지를 보내려 했는데 친구 추가가 안되면 안보내지게 되있으셔서 디스코드 채널 주소 알수있을까요?
  2. 안녕하세요 가입하고 싶은데 아직 모집중이신가요?
  3. Because of stupid server consolidation? it delayed lol .of course it will make many bug and lag. And terrible event just like DM event. Even Russia release their patch plan but NA server no information at all. Maybe they delay again as well. I think Russia server will release ET on May and BM KFM 3rd spec on June but NA server will release ET on July and 3rd spec on August or September and terrible event again. Slow update is not always good, it make this game more boring.
  4. Russian Patch comparison

    So slow update, no announcement, contents always delay, terrible events, bugs are not fixed, lags = No users in BNS NA server.
  5. I did not register OTP. 2 step verification success mail came to me when I was playing BNS. I did not register 2 step verification. I already sent mail to BNS support team what should I do? It gonna be fine? I am really embarrassing about this situation.