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  1. Please learn the difference between a DEVELOPER and a PUBLISHER before you spout this nonsense.
  2. This is an event for the top 1% of the players, any lower or medium geared people have absolutely no chance in participating, as they will constantly be one shot by the whales. After nerfing the gold gains hard, you make a way for players to reliably farm without making a billion alts. But you make it only for the strongest of the strong. What's the point? Absolutely disgusting.
  3. Why does it have to be PvP though? That just straight out excludes any newer/non p2w players...
  4. People completely freeze the moment the boss spawns. This is a complete zergfest of an event. You could either add channels to zaiwei ruins, but that would create problems with people changing channels and getting multiple rewards. The easy solution would be: to get the box, just hit the boss once, and not need to deal X amount of damage to it. We all know this game is not optimized well enough to handle so many people.
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