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  1. Hello everyone I m a old player that never actually stop play but lately im slowing down on my time spend on the game and that is simple, This new ideia of keeping everything (acc and ss and now the new badge ) on solo content and Demosbane is not bad but have the negative side that be, i can farm the new acc on stage 6, but after i need to spend 35k gold to put them +11 and there is litraly no gold income like none is impossible, use 500G every time i try to upgrade from +9 to +10 what will fail and i can farm MAX 1k gold per day ( that if i do everything that is possible to d
  2. Hello everyone I like to ask if is possible on anyway starting a new server, but like start from the frist patch like capped lvl 45 and give patches till we reach the retail bns we have now!! I mean plz i m just asking!!! i like to experience the old blade and Soul but on UE4!
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