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  1. ive been stuck with this bug for several months and im rather saddened that this is still a probelm and yes i understand you cant replicate this but there must be some reason why a few players are still experiencing this problem to this day and why these players have gotten this problem in the first place id happily send my bns data to you if it means i can sort my problem but all i got when i asked with support was this is a known issue and we are working on fixing it well seems like this issue is still here nearly a year after i got it i know its not your fault but its just frustrating
  2. hahaha i just noticed your post because i just did the same thing yesterday gave the game abit of a go and low and behold still no friends list still and when you view your characters history it should be blank too i think the glitch is on that character specifically as one of my friends with the glitch made a new character and oh look he has a fully working social system again just has to start from the beginning all again which is sadly really crappy its been nearly been a year for me and this is still a problem they only way i can play with people i know is if i see them in the game or if i
  3. i personal dont know and also have that same question i personally dont think its an issue with the friends list i think its an issue with the history tab of your character profile as mine is blank and i know that has all information about your character including items you have picked up and friends you have made so i think the issue stems from the history tab in profile which could have made it harder to find this issue but dont quote me on this as i am not sure
  4. i have the exact same problem sadly its been 2 month for me and ive given up waiting as they obviously seem to just ether ignore the people having a problem or say oh we know theres a problem and we are trying to fix it yet there has been people complaining about this issue for years if i was you get used to playing alone or start adding people you meet in game on discord or another place so you can stay in touch thats all i can suggest sadly sorry i wish i was more help
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