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  1. lvl 60 voucher

    On the website, go to ur account details, go to redeem a code, click bns, and voila
  2. My 2 cents about how to save BNS

    Yes, these one will be vaulted. I just have misread the patch notes. I thought they were gonna be changed to something else. The necklace will change though, check the trove page, there's 3 crates with aransu necklace.
  3. My 2 cents about how to save BNS

    You can gear without raids. You can get through dungeon (Hard Mode) the un-elementarized rings/earrings/necklaces. Then, using orbs (Tier 2), you can get the prisms accorded to your element (Will get changed with today's update, but it will work the same way anyway). For VT Badge, you can have the merchant of wonder selling your token, or even at the luxury trader you can have your token for 450 orbs and 1k gold (down to 100 gold with today's patch). And for soul shields ... Well, you can get them from dungeon hard mode aswell. (Running a raid once would be easier, cause of the achievements).
  4. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    Don't mistake net lag (80-120ms) to brainlag ... (Actually no value listed) Often people tell like "I LAG" cause they just want excuses for their dumbness/fails/non-knowing mechs and rotation. When I see a Force Master having A6 weap, legendary badges and elemental accessories, having hard time to keep his dps over 150k (Parse-wise), I'm just like "wth dude what's wrong with you ! You ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing hit like garbage". WIth raven 9 And only leg soul badge (no VT badge) and elemental amulet, i'm parsing at 210k dps. Btw, this guy has 50-70ms ping, while I have 90-130. TL;DR : There's real lags, and excuses. People often find excuses for their mistake rather than try to fix their mistake.
  5. Frost FM outside of Cold Snap

    The further you go ingame, the better your weapon, the more you'll regen your focus. The standard combo when your cold snap is in CD is RMB -> LMB -> 2, rince and repeat. depending your badges, you may want to replace 2 with a frost F. Don't forget that Dual Dragon has no animation cooldown, thus can be put between LMB and 2. My frost combo used to be (cause now I'll have to re-learn from scratch with that awaken mech) : LMB -> RMB -> 4 -> Z -> LMB -> RMB -> X -> X -> 2 (Keep 2 pressed until cold snap fades out) -> LMB -> RMB -> 2 (repeat that part until Cold snap is out of CD). WIth fire orb disabled, I won't use F with that fire orb. Though, I'll have that frost orb used to have that extra frost damage. So, replace any 4/Z/X/2 for a Frost orb (F) and put that dual dragon (F) whenever you can. With that, I never had any trouble with focus, and maintained a steady DPS (With Raven 9, purple badges and only BT accessories, BT 3/8 / VT 5/8 SS , 180k DPS approx. Now, with Raven 9, same SS and leg fire badges, i'm around 230k DPS. Both without either BB or SB) Keep note that with today's update, things are gonna change. DPS-wise, but also rotation-wise
  6. Conseil pour lvl 25

    Avant le niveau 55 (60 après la maj), tu suis la quête jaune. En ce qui concerne le dps glace ou feu, les deux sont équivalents. La différence se fera au niveau du burst. Le dps glace est relativement constant (lmb- rmb- w- et tu laisses appuyer 2, puis lmb- rmb- 2 quand ton w glace est en cd) tandis que le dps feu est plus conséquent à l'engage (brasier + hm skill, ça fait bobo) Pour les équipements, tu aura les raids, les donjons et le farm (pêches célestes) pour en avoir. Pour les métiers... Oublie pour l'instant, vois ça quand tu seras niveau 50+