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  1. gunner daze bomb bug

    After the awaken patch, gunner's "3" - daze bomb, is now part of the simplified mode rotation and it will auto-cast unintentionally. It's a major set back on pvp as I always use simplified mode for faster unload and quick shot combo. With the auto-cast of daze bomb, the class is unplayable in pvp. This is never the case pre-patch. Look forward to your timely fix so I can get back to BG.
  2. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Where the fk is your QA? And your "senior producer" really just sit there and ignore the community like this?
  3. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    If you guys don't compensate, a lot of players WILL SAY BYE BYE. In the preview, you guys said "We do know that the community cares a lot about crafting sacred oils", and now you bomb the community with this level of negligence?
  4. What does the event soul allow us to trade in for?
  5. Went into DD, cleared boss 1-2. On last boss, then all party dc'ed. My friend dc'ed. No one stayed. After relog, party gone.
  6. Gilded Triangular Obsidian not account bound

    This is total bullshit. Why would bns give no insentive for players to upgrade to guilded triangles? The difference between octa and triangle is only about 10-15% bonus, and now it wants to permenantly lock to one character? Come on dev team.. Why would people want to farm anymore.
  7. HQ bug bomb

    Our group has a hard time clearing because we can't see any pattern with the bug bomb. We have a full Arnsu 3+ party with blue buff and black wing and we still couldn't clear. Request to revert this mech asap or no one will be able to progress in VT from now on