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  1. [Question] Character account change

    + for this i would reallly need it, like many peoples there sry for bad eng
  2. Dungeon's

    Hello NCsoft, even if i dont expect some of u will read it xD Anyway... after many patches and changes every blue dungeon and some heroe's like poharan,nyaru lab etc. are useless today becouse everything what was needed from them was deleted and changed.... i have two questions 1. why are these dung's still in game ? 2. why u dont make them useful again ? everytime when some patch with changes come it just go badly....
  3. Maintenance times. For real now?

    Reddit/ClownDance: EU : complains about maintenance times for the lat 2 years. NCSOFT : OK. EU maintenance lasts 8.5 hours now instead of 3. Let us know how you feel i thing its true after reading this topic xD