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  1. Server Consolidation — May 1

    I just hope that this new server change hold the current Hongstore Store Outfit rotation, cuz without any advise the Currency Exchange was totally unavailable. I wasnt specting this problem at this time, i tought that i could finally get the Strickly Business outfit.
  2. [Request] F9 Gold Sales Update

    I think NC soft must do certain things for this: 1) Eliminate the Today's Special offers or change then for once time for week. All the f2p people want to sell their gold at the minimum rate (1:2.9 actually) to buy one of those items, the market is dying for that. When NCsoft add a Premium Transformation, Gems or Sacred Oils, all the market get screw up. If this offers dissapear, the F9 offers could be reduced. 2) Reset the sell ratio like the old times, starting from 1:10 at least. If we reach the 1:1 ratio, the f2p guys need to sell more gold for an specific HM coin amount (for fee charges) and then, Blade & Soul will be a totally p2w game. I'm sure that i'm not the only one upset with this currency chaos.