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  1. I left my courtesan pack in the market for the past 2 days for 200g and its not sold yet...... mine was the only 200 while the 2nd in line was 315g.
  2. The mythos is a 2 star, but its so stupidly rare. They should've put it in this week rotation of outfits.
  3. For your info i never asked for your opinion about me complaining. The forum is the place to share what we got and what we didn't get. I didn't come here to see your drama queen at work. If you wanna start drama go somewhere else. We just want the damn outfit to drop more often. Most of us here wanted more then others but its just ***OUR*** opinion about the mythos outfit.
  4. I got a bunch of hongmoon coins from arena, outlaw island and toi so idk what you talking about. With 10 character farming toi and other dungeon that gives out hongmoon coins you don't require to buy NC. Unless you wanted more keys. And who are you to tell people on how to spend their money?
  5. I have only seen it once! Make this Mythos outfit with higher chance! The courtesan is in 2 star and 3 star, but it come out more then the Mythos! Give us more MYTHOS CHANCES!
  6. The gold in the mat box is gone even though the rate for the gold is garbage.
  7. My clan and i been running this place for he past 20 run and no box drop. Until i look at the drop setting.
  8. All the gold box from dungeon and the gold from the mat box are gone wtf. How are we suppose to make money? Doing quest for the money? Even the quest got nerfed. This is so crappy.
  9. It's been 49 minute and that person was spotted in channel 2 and 4. I can't say his/her name because BnS will name that person cricket instead.
  10. A damn aransu 6 gunner trolling and killing who so ever then switch channel to start killing again. This troll event.
  11. You know what suck even more? A damn aransu 6 gunner running around shooting people down. Like WTF.
  12. This is so lame, some gunner aransu running around blasting people down for 20 flipping minutes wtf. This BS event. When i get to spin, someone threw a bomb. This event is garbage.
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