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  1. Quality of life changes that NEED to happen

    new to the game but id have to say account wide bank and wardrobe, individual scale and hide/show for all UI elements, and having each skill ui button separate from each other (purely a cosmetic thing for me, my ocd hating having the key-binds out of order or having to play like an octopus on a 4 day speed binge to keep them in order)
  2. Helpful Blade & Soul Community Sites

    G'day for tips/guides i cant recommend EvilDoUsHarm's you tube channel any more highly, well thought out, simple and easy to understand: Hands down has to have the most new player friendly tips and tricks I've come across. Has been a great help so far in unraveling a heap of my initial confusion (only started playing about a week ago) well worth the time to check it out Cheers