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  1. @Hime Please check out my account INGAME: Miis Fortune Server: NA i send ticket but the reply is ............. i dont know why he cant even check my Logs, he still insist that i bought those petpods but he wont even check out my logs :C sad i cannot prove that i crafted all those petpods that were taken :C 14days of waiting still no solution :C
  2. @hime its not only moontide outfits please change your post ! youre not even reading our comments " all are complaining with there petpods including us, those items are bought in legit way"! time effort and including $$$ spent the game investigate what? its nonsence your, technician made it just tell them ti reverse it back ! almost 90% of players in the game did the exploit! thats your technician stupidity ! go slap your workmates who did this will solve problem! your just making it complicated.
  3. we also buy those pet and SoulStone the gold we spend on it was farmed so many days we wasted time and effort. bring back what we spent on it especially SoulStone that were over priced " and how about those who bought and max there pet and talisman" " and how about the others who made 100k gold a day when the exploit was hot" its to unfair to use who didn't use the exploit we buy the items in normal way
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