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  1. For the people that would take this system seriously I think it would be a great idea for blade and soul.
  2. When you get the hang of it the summoner is pretty fun especially for playing PvE. I mean who wouldn't want a cute (And also quite deadly) kitty to go adventuring with. But due to the lack of escape skills, it's a pretty difficult class to play when climbing the PvP ladder.
  3. Does anyone know if the max character slots will be increased from 10 to 11 when the warriors released in NA?
  4. ?Some of the outfits I'd love to see back and would happily purchase are? High society Varsity Pink velvet Pure White Seductress Trekker Benevolence Midnight Raid Midnight detective Countdown Ascension Red Rider Or Summer Nights!
  5. I know this is a late reply but please make some stylish merch for us I will 100% buy whatever you guys put out.
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