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  1. Show off your characters!!

    that's why they didn't make lyns gunners
  2. Rosethorn Fabric

    you can't, it's not been emplemented yet.
  3. so...are you going to fix this or not?

    thank you guys so much for the help, you have restored what little was left of my sanity. i assure you that this doesn't sound crazy at all, my problems started when i left the game for 2 or 3 months, and then decided to come back when the game recived that huge ddos attack, and so i thought it was temporary, then the issue started to take too long to fix, so i started wandering wat the problem really was, you'r not the first to speak about the security issue, at this point i think my only problems are with the xingcode of this game. thank you very much for your reply. and thanks to you too, ill' be sure to keep my pc clean and squeaky!
  4. so...are you going to fix this or not?

    i dont have a pingbooster, so i'm glad i can chek that out of the list, and for the connection, it's always pretty good, so i really don't know, every other game go without any problems T-T
  5. so...i have no idea of what in the hell is the problem here, it's months now that i have the same problem. error (2000) or (3000) (132) login failure. i already did a couple of posts in this regard, but the actual question was never answered: HOW THE ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ DO YOU FIX THIS once and for all, i'm sick of connecting to another game (black desert) just to exit and log in to BnS, it's riculous and infuriating. this is my previous post in the BUG section. this is just so stupid i don't even think it's real anymore, it's just a prank, and i hope (god better be true) that with the patch of sep 13th something turns out for me.
  6. BNS ERROR (1000) (132,10054)

    yes they try every time to tell you "it's your problem, contact your isp" spoiler allert, it's not. i also play BDO, no problem same xingcode or watever, bns? 2 weeks without being able to play
  7. Unplayable pt 2

    so...weeks have passed and i still have no idea what's happening, i will post an immage of the error that i'm receving, because i don't have the time or the will to write everithing again this is the problem, open client, start game, go to pin,and then wait... i have allready contacted support and as i feared it was usless, since the problem doesn't come from my connection or computer (brand new, bought it for xmas never changed anithing and i played the game without problems, after 4th of july this shit happens) sooo i ask you players, please, if you have or had the same problem and know how to fix this, respond, if it can't be fixed by ourselves at least we will know whos fault this is.
  8. Server Merge Discussion

    fare point XD
  9. Server Transfer

    sorry but your ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed, i suggest you save some money and go back after the patch, the server with no [fr] or [de] will be jinsoyun. (basically an orgy)
  10. Server Merge Discussion

    lags everywhere...most likely an interminable queue. at least for the first months, but knowing nc, probably forever
  11. Server Merge Discussion

    this dosen't look good
  12. Server Merge Discussion

    honestly, i hope they do some improvement to the actual quality of the servers, before bashing all of them together. but if it also means that i can play with my friends in other groups, then i can't wait!
  13. i submitted a ticket in hope of some explenations, i'v got a similar problem, but i can't connect at all, or, i can after almost all day of trying
  14. Show off your characters!!

    my yun force master and summoner ^^