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  1. yeah my apologies in skill during overflow it still seems lower than super sf in skill page but hits harder.I guess only text is bugged not the damage.
  2. hello, first of all when we give 5 skill point to our super sunflower , it doesnt apply when super sunflower in overflow condition.(we basically hit our super sunflower during overflow %99 of the time).Like we give 5 skill point to super sunflower but during overflow base damage is same as 0 point given,So basically makes no sense at all to give any points to super sunflower which is one of our main damage skill and is annoying.This was the first bug;Second bug is that about TT rings modifier.It says sunflower and awakened sunflower as damage boost but it doesnt give damage bonus to super sunf
  3. So Grimoir you are saying it works perfectly then the rings modifier wont make sense without soulburn buff ? All other classes can get their damage modifier from their accessory without sb but earth sum will not and this will be counted as perfectly working ?We are getting damage modifier for a skill we dont even use anymore.If Sunburst treated as super sunflower why it gets buffed from ring and super sunflower doesnt ??
  4. Hello , i also created ticket about this but unfortunately support team doesnt seem to understand the problem.TT ring for thorn summoners buffs sunflower and awakened sunflower and also sunburst(even tho it doesnt write) but it doesnt buff super sunflower that i think it is supposed to.Because i think this ring supposed to buff our ALL kind of sunflower(RMB) but when we work our petal or gather enough photosynthesis and we get super sunflower(which replaces normal sunflower) the ring doesnt buff super sunflower.With awakening we almost dont even use normal sunflower and we use super sunflower
  5. i really would like to see Best Friend in F10 :))))
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