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  1. I have PLENTY of complaints about BnS, NCSoft etc. But, you asked for positives. The main reason I started playing BnS, is because it is one of few MMORPGs that could be played casually. I could jump on and hit f8, and do a "raid" within a few minutes; this is because the daily raids are small, and fast. There are a number of small, relatively fast tasks to do in BnS; they even have events where you can enter an area, then hit F4 and auto kill mobs for goodies. That's great for casual playing where you can semi-afk. Another thing that's a positive, it doesn't take a long time to find
  2. The bug I mentioned, certainly seems like a bug. I'm well aware of a universal cool down between the SF and SB. I talked about this in my complaint, I believe they should stack, give distinct buffs, and they shouldn't share a cool down. I'm also well aware if another warlock is my group. Without any cool down, without a warden or an additional warlock in my group, about 30% of the time when I go to start Soulburn, the cool down activates but the buff doesn't.
  3. Soulflare, Soulburn, they are just labels, when one negatively impacts the other. If a Warden throws a Soulflare, and prevents me from initiating Soulburn... as far as I'm concerned, he has a Soulburn-ish skill that competes with mine. Originally, the Warlock was under pressure to hit Soulburn and keep it up, but in the beginning it was rather difficult to initiate. Originally you had to deploy your thrall, which takes a bit of time to summon, and then you had to hit another skill to sacrifice your thrall... which that took a while... and then finally everyone has Soulburn. It was common
  4. I started playing this game as a warlock, all of my nice gear is on my warlock, my main is a warlock, and it's what I rolled. The issues I have are the following: 1) I don't know why NCSoft saw fit to give other classes the Soul Burn. It's the only reason anyone ever wanted a Warlock in their group. Furthermore, they gave it to a class that commonly initiates engagement (Warden), and it feels as if the Warden's ability to initiate it is quicker than for the Warlock; like one key hit and boom it's on. While the Warlock can attain Black Wing, and with some soul shields have additional b
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