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  1. Yeah, sorry forgot to check post was busy with other things. But yes after about 4 days they said they investigated the issue and returned my lost ncoin. Again this may be on a person to person basis but I extensively explained the issue and provided TONS of proof to them so they returned my ncoins.
  2. You are not killing people because if Im not mistaken the awakening patch we got actually removed gs badge dmg on aerialed targets (since they dont include patch notes you would never know this) but if im correct and u check the equivalent KR patch notes for the awakening version we got that is included in there. Anyways pvp is fully screwed by awakening (KR had the same issue). IF ur playing gunner just dont bother with pvp anymore tbh.
  3. Gonna say didnt even have to read the whole thing to see thats the same that happened here. Not that I'm claiming everyones issue is the same. But basically what happens is: 1. Have X amount of ncoins in your account. 2. Purchase some keys/items -> these transactions happen normaly and fine 3. Purchase more keys/items -> THIS transaction fails/bugs out. Either receiving an ingame error message like "transaction could not be completed do to system errors" or simply not receiving the items at all without any message. 4. The FAILED transaction does NOT show up in the ingame purchase
  4. They seem to be in a pickle since aparently those bugged out, failed transactions dont even show on internal game logs from what a gm told me. I got a response saying they are investigating the issue.
  5. Exactly what happened to me, and they still havent replied
  6. I guess thats somewhat good to know. I myself "lost" 100 trove keys due to this, posted a lenghty ticket to support about it with all the screenshots of account ncoins and the transaction windows/error messages but I still havent gotten a response/acknowledgement of the issue.
  7. Been talking to a couple of people and have also seen some post on other/non related topics about people trying to contact support regarding missing items/trove keys. Has anyone else experienced this issue where trying to buy items/trove keys from f10 and actually didnt get the items (but lost the ncoins) delivered due to "system error" or when f10 was having problems? Just wanted to check how many people had similar issues and if someone managed to actually get a sensible answer from support.
  8. Please listen to the feedback, look at the forums. Letting this absurd talisman cost go through is literally self sabotage, everyone knows there are quotas to be met and that obviously leads to some cash grabs but I dont think anyone expected it to go this far. This is terrible comunity PR and shows how out of touch the devs seem to be. Funny thing is we will probably be stuck with this cost, and even if they decide to change it it will take a long time before they can implement it (maybe couple of patches from now).
  9. Can we now have something done with the talisman cost? This amount of pet pods is quite honestly retarded, switching it for oils would be WAY better.
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