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  1. Hello guys. I try to collect all refferences, some of them are new and some i found in this topic.
  2. If you want BD nerf in my opinion, it is only my opinion. It is opinion of BD player. 1)Remove parry from spin (very unfair skill for some classes) 2)Remove 2 sec iframe from BD "HM block" (BD use it only for debuff remove) 3)V iframe spins need to be nerfed from 3 to 1 (BD dont need so much) 4)Z iframe heal nerf from 15% HP to 5% HP (like WL) 5)Remove block ignore from blade toss (it is perfect opener with too low CD) 6)Grab CD from 30 to 45 sec (grab is too good opener and damage) 7)Lightning Draw need to be removd AOE DOT (it is already good damage + 10 sec 2nd stance) Mb then BD will be balanced and finally will be not most hated class, what is kinda annoying. But, it is just my opinion.
  3. New!
  4. Great artist with fantastic colors in her art. If you want to see/ask for own art - i will recommend drewfblim!
  5. Hello! Here is my YouTube channel: It's about multy class PVP,PVE and more! Hope you will like it!
  6. even BD over DPS des lul
  7. FM - he's grab is weak, so it is okay that he have other skill. des - yes, he should get other skill. bd - nerf bd.
  8. grab - frontal block all damage blocked deal to enemy in grab. if meteor shower dont ignore blocks - basicly you deal damage to self.
  9. They reduce cost of OLD contect. Useless to make all loot free. I dont want it to be so cheap right now.
  10. 1)I understand why they dont want to play, because of WL broken skills. 2)Stupid to dont play because gear team, guild 6v6 exsit if you want top gear.
  11. RNG is okay.