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  1. Topic ended in June 2016, hello! Grave digger.

    1)No reason. 2)Easy, go in tower, got brac in 15 min. 3)No reason now. 4+5)Nerf gunners DPS, next topic you will ask "nerf WL, the yare always top dps"? There will be always top DPS, top tan and other top class. 6)lul 7)BD is about gear. 8)game mech. 9) no, some ppl have 8 chars to farm arena, arena reward shoudl be lower. 10)No, thanks.
  3. Nerf Gunners

    It might be something new for you. But in MMORPG games classes have different DPS, defence, utility and CC.
  4. Something what will not happen

    Or just limit one class reward to one account. Right now in top 200 are 15~20 humans, each have 4~8 chars of same class to farm arena. Is it okay?
  5. What if... You will limit arena weak/season rewad to one class per account. So NC soft will win in NC donations and player will win because in arena will be less no real life players who spend most of their lifes in arena... So you will pvp against your skill opponent and not some fat shiiter with no real life who have 8 WLs on accout and 6 of them are already 1900+ but it will never happen.
  6. Heaven's Mandate and Daily Challenge

    topic started 2016 dec, you grave diggers.
  7. Current State of Arena

    Arena is okay.
  8. How BNS react to recording soft. Yea, 50~61 FPS :D
  9. you already got feathers account bound...
  10. It will kill 6v6, never happen.
  11. I dont want it to be on spacebar.
  12. Still asking

    Wow, finally, we have found main BNS problem.
  13. I dont remember BD/des breaking spin from 16m when spin is activated. 100% FM need buff.