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  1. Wow, KR already have it, cool! How to make arena fun again.
  2. BM > BD. Just reroll to BM. BD is dead class.
  3. Hello. Currently arena have an issue - too many alts and smurfs. When some good player, who have main in top 10 start to farm arena with his other chars for season rewads (Hongmoon Coins). Problems with that: 1 - There is no normal skill curve in arena, from 1300~1500 you get normal skill curve. But, when you get on rank 1500+, your opponents are random. From 1450 new player, then equel to your skill opponent and some no real life dude who already have 4~6 alts in 1800+, and clearly you have big disadvantage. 2 - Alts and smurfs steal your act
  4. Before you will complain. Atlest google meanig of word toxic (Flaming or offensive langiage in chat). Like amy other game with PVP. " I've been playing fighting games for many many years " + cry about perma resists. Oh pro fighting games gamer never seen iframes, supers and armors. Or it is just salty kid, who call him self pro game (or with big exp) and rage quit arena because "pvp is bad". I see you ;)
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