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    Well, Jin FM makes sense given that Jin can be SF, which is already half FM... Like, it makes no sense for a race to be able to be SF, but not also be FM + KFM. The only thing I can think of, is that Jin already has access to the most classes (6 compared to Yun's 5 and Gon/Lyn's 4), but ehh... Could easily balance that out by opening up more classes to other Races. For example, I'd buy a Race Change for my Gunner in a heartbeat if GunsLynger was a thing. Other options include, giving Assassin to literally any other race. Gon BM? Gon/Yun WL?
  2. Lancer and Archer thoughts.

    Well, it's only as "Basic" as the ability designers imagination. Given that every single attack in the game is infused with elemental energy and Chi, there's tons of possibilities for exciting attacks and skills. I mean, they're not as inherently flashy as other potential weapons, such as Scythes, Sickles, Nunchaku, Poharan's LMG (And the assortment of other modern military weaponry its existence enables) etc. But they have potential. I mostly make a thread on them because, they're a reasonable addition to the game given that there are many NPC's that utilize the weapons already, including a class focused around them gives groundwork for expanding on these NPC's as well as already having a basic idea on how to model and animate these weapons.
  3. Lancer and Archer thoughts.

    Honestly, there's no "Last Class" until they run out of unique element pairings. That would be a logical end to making new classes, given they seem to have deliberately avoided duplicating pairings (Also, something I considered when selecting elements for my OP) Since, you know, more classes is a way to effectively print money by giving people a reason to roll a new character, buy more outfits, inventory space, level booster bundles, character slots etc... If Gunslinger does end up being the last class, then meh. Can still theorycraft for fun about potential classes (Or even races!) because why not eh?
  4. Lancer and Archer thoughts.

    Yeah, that's something I hadn't thought of but is worth noting. I mean, I was originally thinking something slower paced purely to counter the recent Gunslinger and to an extent Force Master whom spam a bunch of stuff all the time. 'cause you know, catering to more than 1 playstyle is pretty cool. But it would help with high ping players, as well as looking so dope when you get those big beefy crits. To be honest, something similar could be done with the Lancer too, specifically for the Frost spec, they could make it slower and more proactionary so that high pingers could still be able to tank. While still having Wind be your bog standard sanic speed spec. Which would be super neato because I do like the classes that have significant differences between their specs, like how Fire and Shadow Gunners play completely differently with different mechanics to play around (Though, I'm not a fan of the fact that Shadow's mechanic is a DPS loss to actually utilize so they essentially don't have one). As opposed to something like Force Master where pretty much Flame and Frost play near identically except with slightly different mechanics on their cooldown skills...
  5. Lancer and Archer thoughts.

    Javelin class does sound pretty neat. Very few games really utilize javelins at all. Not so sure about the shield though, would that not be super annoying in PvP, much like how annoying it is in PvE when you can't do anything because nothing counts as hitting because like everything is a block... Would also be wary about bringing in such potent boss debuffs too, I'd hate to see yet another class become a "Mandatory" class for parties, much like how everyone wants a Warlock and someone with blue buff (KFM/Sin). I haven't been looking recently but Gunslinger might be in that category too with Alpha Call for double Soulburn/Fighting Spirit - It's just, no-one needs to request a GS right now, given how many there are floating around.
  6. Hey, what's up guys and gals. Just been musing on the idea of Lancer and Archer classes given that there are so many NPC's that are seen using spears and bows. Thought I might share them here if for no other reason than because I can't sleep and I'm bored. If the ideas happen to make their way over to the Korean devs and the classes become a thing in some part because of this feedback then great and if not well, it'd be no surprise xD Now, in no particular (But actually alphabetical) order: Archer Elements - Shadow/Wind Gameplay - Ranged combatant that utilizes poison tipped arrows to do lethal damage from afar. Able to sacrifice mobility for additional damage and crit chance. Shadow - Focus more on DoT effects, dealing bonus damage to targets afflicted by certain DoTs in their kit. Primary damage source would be a short but high damage DoT that delivers its damage over a 2 second period. Builds up "Dark Arrows" while attacking, which can be activated to cause the next few attacks to gain an increased cast time, but deal additional damage in a shorter amount of time. Wind - Focus more on direct damage. Able to mark targets increasing critical chance and damage when they attack them. Primary damage source would be an "Aimed Shot" of sorts, with a 1-1.5s cast that deals bonus damage on critical. Builds up "Sonic Arrows" while attacking, which can be activated to become instant cast and have additional critical chance and critical damage. Lancer Elements - Wind/Frost Gameplay - Tank class that has emphasis on mobility and battlefield control. Can easily reposition foes and themselves while being able to lock down multiple targets temporarily. Wind - Focus more on self mobility and single target control. Utilizing dashes and vaults to keep mobile and avoid damage while relying on parries and wind shields to deal with incoming attacks. Features moves such as leaping over a target by vaulting with the spear off the targets head, skewering a target and flipping them over themselves and various pulls and knockbacks to keep targets positioned favourably. Frost - Focus more on debuffing and AoE control. Utilizing chill and freeze effects to keep targets from being wholly effective, parries and ice shields help mitigate incoming attacks. Features moves such as rings of frost that chill targets in an area and upon freezing them can be detonated to deal high damage and remove the freeze, can dash through targets leaving ice crystals in their wake which detonate dealing bonus damage to chilled/frozen targets and can pull and knockback targets to keep them within their ice fields and skills. Anyway, that's all I have for now. Let me know what you think. Or you know, don't. Whatever, don't let a rando stranger on the internet tell you what to do :/
  7. Gunners

    The key it's on makes no difference. One of the requirements to USE Upshot is to Reload first. Probably to ensure you have enough ammo and wires to do your juggle. Since, if they wanted, they could have just made Upshot take priority over Reload when aiming at a stunned/dazed target and thus make LMB/R not have any issues with Reload. However, they decided to ensure that you NEED to Reload before you can Upshot by not only altering the priority, but also putting in that requirement.
  8. The problem with lightspeed

    Lightspeed is crippled by 2 main factors: It's a HUGE focus sink, that also needs you to be high focus to deal full damage. This means it's basically relegated to just usable during Tombstone (Move 1) and Moonshine (Move 1, with HM upgrade). It gives no boosts to anything other than RMB. But is completely removed from existence by the use of 4, which you'll be spamming on CD because it's so efficient. So, logically, the way to make it actually a thing to use would be the following: Remove the Dark Light sink from 4 and put it somewhere else that isn't naturally wanted to be spammed for max DPS, so you lose less DPS to get into Lightspeed. Make LS boost something to give some focus recovery so you can actually use it more often than just alongside Tab/C (Either that or put some effect from LS to help manage their CD's. Heck, more Tombstone uptime from LS would be reason enough to try and dance between LS and regular shooting) In the end, it seems a shame that they have this resource management mechanic, only to completely ruin it because the only sink for the resource to allow you to actually manage it happens to be a really powerful skill in its own right that wants to be spammed (Especially with the innate CDR from regular RMB). That and it bugs the hell out of me to have that second semi-circle bar always empty because there's no point trying to get into LS because it means holding off on using 4's for too long (I mean, in the current state you could literally just remove the Dark Light mechanic completely and just make Tombstone give you the modified RMB for the duration...)
  9. Seems 'aight. I'm not wowed by it so far, though not too deep into it yet. Also, that 50% exp boost messes things up too... Doing storyline only but still massively overleveled so it's basically just walk through quests holding RMB and occasionally pressing F... Maining it? Probably not. I seem to have a type... In Tera I mained Elin Warrior, here I'm maining Lyn BD. Apparently I like cute loli's with swords. Maybe if Lyn Gunslinger was a thing... Who knows.
  10. Gunslinger - Reload

    So you can press R to reload.
  11. lyn gunslinger please

    Mostly that you seem to be clutching at straws trying to find and bend any reason you possibly can in order to justify an asinine viewpoint. Like, really, how much would Gunslingers being available to the Lyn race affect you? Would you suddenly be forced to make a Lyn Gunslinger? No. Would everyone else be forced to make a Lyn Gunslinger? No. So why so much effort to try and "Prove" that Lyn cannot be Gunslingers, despite evidence to the contrary (Such as your main argument about physical strength being completely negated by the existence of Blade Dancers. "Oh but there's no NPC BD's" - Yeah, but that doesn't matter, Lyn can be BD. They were originally going to have BM and Sin too. Clearly the developers didn't seem to think that Lyn where not physically capable to utilize fully melee classes) In most mangas and anime, characters get physically tired after throwing a lot of fireballs... Also, have you ever held a sword? Like a proper combat ready sword not some cheapo wallhanger trash? Even with all the weight saving tricks like fullers, lighter steels with tempered edges to make the edge more durable and various tapers in the width and thickness of a blade, even side swords and the like are still fairly hefty and are tiring to swing about a lot. This isn't even getting to the issue that a blade that is too light can't get any power behind it so won't cut very well at all (In addition to making getting the balance right incredibly difficult). Swords aren't as simple as "Make the blade super duper light = best". You need to have the balance in the right place, you need to have enough weight for you to put force into, you need to make sure that the edge is resilient enough to withstand strikes without the blade as a whole shattering, you need to have enough flex in the blade to absorb some of the impact so it won't snap etc. A blade of the proportions that are used in game would never realistically be usable in one hand. In addition to this, the whole physical aspect of things isn't even accurate either. Since we're trying to apply Human traits to Lyn. Lyn are not humans, which means they do not necessarily share humans strength:size ratio. I mean, from in game, Lyn can jump way higher than any real life human can, can fall from massive heights and be unharmed, take a huge axe to the face and walk away barely scathed (Or can even parry it without missing a beat). Lyn have animal characteristics to them, that's their entire identity. Now if we look at something like the Summoner's cat, who is also quite small in stature, lets check the size of the hammer and sword they swing about. Oh, now we have grounds to start justifying Lyn Destroyers (The main issue I think Lyn Des have is when grappling someone... It's bad enough for the quest where you have to pick up a dude from the beach right after the tutorial where smaller Lyn will have the dude clipping through the floor, let alone when trying to hold someone by the collar with one hand while the other pummels them...) And your premise is that shooting guns is tiring. If shooting guns is tiring, why isn't shooting huge blasts magnitudes larger than gun shots tiring? From the wiki, which I assumed translated it from the Korean version. What's fetishes got to do with things? I just like cute things and Lyn are cute. I also think that Lyn Gunslinger would be badass as well.
  12. I believe Corage would be referring to your lack of input on HOW to balance classes. Just saying "Yeah, buff the weaker classes" without anything as to what buffs to give to what parts of what classes. Doesn't really help. I mean, you state you feel that melee classes damage isn't high enough to justify the extra dodging of attacks they need to do... So what do you propose? Do you want their iframes buffed? Damage increase? What abilities do you feel aren't strong enough or should have additional iframes? Would you buff badges? If so, which ones? How would all these changes affect PvP? How would they affect different gear levels (For example, many melee rotations become much simpler at higher levels of gear, even to the extent of stuff like Shadow Sin's just holding RMB for max DPS)? Would you look to give out Soulburn/Alpha Call to melee classes that you feel are weak? Would you look to create new melee unique buffs to compete with these? If so, do you have examples? Lots of potential information to give. Yet all you've given so far is "Buff the weaker classes", to which you've referenced KFM and vaguely mentioned melee classes as a whole (Yet you also complain about Assassins and BD's not having any weaknesses...)
  13. lyn gunslinger please

    Dude, it honestly just seems like you have a vendetta against Lyn for no reason... So I'll address a few of your points: - The gun isn't a small toy. Yes, neither is throwing fireballs from your hands, neither is a sword that's length is like 70% of your height (In reality a sword of that proportion would be used with 2 hands. Yet BD's can swing them with one hand with ease). All of these things would be as exhausting or more than firing a couple of pistols. - Nothing in the lore (That I'm aware of) states that they're too weak and feeble to do anything physical. Heck, original Korean trailers showed them as Blade Masters and Assassins. - Staffs in this game are more than just "A wooden stick". You seen moves like Sunflower where you use your staff to shoot a huge blast of energy? - If anything, Lyn lore suggests they'd be IDEAL Gunslingers: "The Lyn have not survived in this dangerous world by mere chance; they have innately acute senses which steer them clear from danger and allow them to see treachery and deception where others cannot." Acute senses, like perception, which would let them be agile as they can notice danger and react to it, they'd also have good vision and be able to detect things like wind speed to become excellent marksmen. Even if we take the "Make up for lack of physical size" aspect, we'd get them trying to use tools, such as guns, in order to deal damage in lieu of more physically demanding activities (Though, Blade Dancer shows that that's not an issue for them if necessary) Really, Lyn Gunslingers makes sense. At least, from what I've seen of the lore regarding Lyn.
  14. Ehhh... It could be worse, it could be a Blizzard game. Now there's a bunch of games to play and whine about Melee vs Ranged. So many mechanics that punish melee (Boss movement, cleaves, PBAoE's, mechanics you need to run over to etc), but nothing for Melee to utilize to mitigate all the movement they need to do. On top of this, they're not even top DPS on theoretical 0 mechanic fights (Despite being more complicated to play, to the point where there's little margin for error for even computer programmes to do perfect rotations) Then comes along 2-3 button mashing ranged that can attack while moving, has all the defensive options they want and can even just bypass a bunch of boss mechanics as a whole... Oh, while having better mobility, range etc. On to BnS though: As a whole, melee tend to have the highly valued BB (KFM + Sin) and also nifty Restrain (Des + BD, though FM does technically have it too). They also seem to have more CC in general. The major outliers to these generalisations are WL (Who uniquely has SB... But the class seems rigged af anyway) and SF (Who kind of... Lacks in utility, just having healing). It's possible that GS will also be a sought after ranged, thanks to Alpha Call for double BB+SB. With regards to gear disparity in PvP, it's inevitable. Unlike a game such as Street Fighter, this is an MMO. The core of which is typically grinding for gear to improve your character. If all PvP was homogenized to create a level playing field, it would remove that aspect of progress, even if it would create a more skill based environment for larger scale battles. This is just the nature of MMO's.
  15. lyn gunslinger please

    I soo want a GunsLynger...